CAPCOM Arcade Stadium (PS4) Review - The Outerhaven

Capcom's Arcade Stadium is a blast from the past, but is it worth your cash?

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JayRyu239d ago

Capcom - please stop adding Finial Fight 1 and Street Fighter 2 games as filler on compilation games!

I would have loved if Capcom added:
U.N. Squadron
Xmen - Children of the Atom
Xmen - (multiplayer beat'um up)
Marvel Superheroes
Knights of the Round

CrimsonWing69238d ago

No Aliens vs Predator or any Marvel games? No buy.

VTKC238d ago

Must be a license problem because you know. FOX and Marvel. And how Mickey the rat owns them. It's like how Marvel Origins disappeared. The game with the Marvel crossover Capcom fighting games

CrimsonWing69238d ago

Capcom’s had a relationship with Disney in the past. Hell, I own The Disney Afternoon Collection on the PS4. So, if Disney is cool with Capcom putting a Disney NES collection out I think they would let Capcom have some kind of licensing deal with AvP at the very least. Honestly, that’s the only Capcom arcade title I want.