'Capcom Arcade Stadium' Full Games List by Title, Release Date, and Co-Op

Capcom Arcade Stadium launched on Switch earlier this year before eventually arriving on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The collection itself is a free download and includes one game (1943), with the remaining games sold as DLC, for a total of 32 classic arcade games. Making sense of those DLC packs and the scope of the collection can be daunting, so here's a full games list sorted by title, release date, and co-op features.

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autobotdan698d ago

No Aliens vs Predator or Punisher I wont purchase

autobotdan698d ago

I already know all about Mame. I've known about it since the mid 2000's

roadkillers698d ago

Licensed titles are hard to put out

autobotdan697d ago

I already know all about the licensed title problems. I might know more about video games than any of you guys. Capcom recently put out a arcade stick with built in arcade games including Aliens vs Predator. Let me repeat that Capcom recently put out a product with tons of classic arcade games Aliens vs Predator included. So they they have the license temporarily renewed maybe just for that one product

lodossrage698d ago

I understand how auto feels.

But yeah roadkiller is right. The licensed stuff is tough to get. Unfortunately, that leaves out a lot of their better stuff.

Like the two dungeons and dragons games, AvP, Punisher, and Cadillacs n Dinosaurs.

BrainSyphoned698d ago

Unless the NES versions are included with with arcade versions these compilations do nothing for me.

eastx698d ago

That's too bad. Only a few of these games were released on the NES at all, though it would certainly be cool to be able to play those versions on modern consoles too.

Popsicle697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

I downloaded this free and really like that the app puts you in a virtual arcade where you move from machine to machine. However, I feel it would really improve the experience if they used the proper cabinets with side art and marquee instead of the Japanese versions with the short sit down cabinets with little to no art. Or at least give the option to switch back and forth as I am sure the Japanese market appreciates the current set up.

CrimsonWing69697d ago

I think this is cool, but there’s so many more better Capcom arcade titles. I would pay money for Aliens vs Predator, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Marvel vs Capcom 2. I realize some of it is due to licensing, but hey you paid for it once, why not do it again?

Einhander1971697d ago

Just purchased Atgames ultimate legends arcade cab, so covered thanks.