New Sonic game may be called Sonic Rangers, press release accidentally reveals

It's looking likely that the name of the new Sonic 2022 game may have been leaked as Sonic Rangers - and SEGA are the ones who leaked it.

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Knightofelemia60d ago

Sonic Rangers sounds like something Saban could cook up for the next season of Power Rangers lol. But he could careless Hasbro owns the franchise now so its up to them now. I am curious about this new Sonic game hopefully its a good title and entry into the Sonic franchise.

darthv7260d ago

I was thinking Sonic Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris as the man in Blue himself.

Teflon0260d ago

Personally hate that game, but really anticipating the game. Great day for games today

Teflon0260d ago

Hate that name not game. Auto correct has been wonky af as of late smh

-Foxtrot60d ago

There was a rumour a while ago saying a new game was going to let us switch between Sonic and Amy...I know, probably 100% bullshit but I like the idea of Amy being more developed.

Sonic the Comic Amy was great compared to the modern one we have now



curtain_swoosh60d ago

same, shes really annoying in some games but great in others.
but i hope the name changes ha.

lellkay60d ago

IDW Amy is really good to

curtain_swoosh60d ago

i hope this is not true lol sonic rangers reminds me of Texas Rangers for some reason haha.