Borderlands 3 Was Ready to Allow Full Crossplay, But PlayStation Support Has Been Pulled

From IGN: "Borderlands 3 has prepared an update that theoretically enables full crossplay across all platforms – but developer Gearbox has been told to remove crossplay support for PS4 and PS5.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford tweeted today explaining that there was good and bad news for Borderlands 3 players, and explaining that "the publisher" had required the removal of PlayStation platforms from crossplay support."

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DJStotty66d ago

Hopefully they go ahead with the update, just omitting the PlayStation platforms.

whispering66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

This whole thing seems really suspect.

So just a few hours before Sony's State of Play Randy Pitchford (one of the shadiest people in gaming) comes out with a very undescript statement about how 2k the publisher not Sony blocked crossplay.

So what was the predictable effect?

Every site on the internet within seconds of this happening started writing articles saying Sony is blocking crossplay. So now the top story on news aggregators isn't Horizon: Forbidder West but instead articles damaging to Sony written by people who have no way to understand why this is being blocked but are never the less blaming it on Sony.

Again this was blocked by 2k the publisher and no reason has been given as to why that happened.

thesoftware73066d ago


Wow, you need to get out more.

So you think this somehow lowers excitement for State of Play later today? This news in no way makes me not want to see today's Sony showing.

Stop the Sony balls juggling, take a second to come up for air.

King Nezz66d ago


This is what humanity is becoming, huh. Where certain news on software updates is intended to make a major console company look bad? Get a life, guy.

GottaBjimmyb66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Oh yea my guy, Randy pitchford lied about crossplay to put Sony down before the event.... Definitely not like we have confirmed documentation and historical proof that Sony opposes or even charges for crossplay to be implemented with games.

Lovw the new talking point though. Apparently 2k now has say over platform policy for Sony now ... lol

Notellin66d ago

@Whispering You probably love Facebook conspiracy theories!

gamer780466d ago

Uhh it’s so obvious…. Sony makes publishers pay to enable crossplay and 2k doesn’t want to pay….

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DJStotty66d ago


Not sure quite why you went off on one, I simply said "for whatever reasons" that the crossplay update still goes ahead.

No one has said it was Sony that pulled the plug, other than your mention of it.

Neonridr66d ago

then let PC/Xbox players play together and put Playstation players on their own. Sort of sucks as there is zero reason to not allow crossplay for a game like Borderlands, but so be it.

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SeTTriP66d ago

Sony is the market leader, if it don't make sense to them (for whatever reason) they are (like it or not) in a position of strength, they can make demands.

Ps has a huge player base and me as a consumer don't really care about cross-platform.we have plenty probably more then both platforms combined.

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locomorales66d ago

Sony's greedy condition to allow cross-play (as revealed in the Apple vs Epic lawsuit) hurting the community again.

Darkborn66d ago

How is it hurting the community? I own the game on ps4 and I never once wanted to cross play with hackers on pc.

Tacoboto66d ago

It's not that lack of cross-play hurts the community, it's that there isn't a reason to not have it anymore. Why *should* a PS player not be allowed to play with their Xbox/PC friend, when we know there isn't a technical hurdle? Because you personally don't want to create a private party with your friends in a mainly co-op game? Devs have also included toggles for cross-play or input-based MM for the player.

aquamala66d ago

Pretty sure some PS4 players would want to play a coop game with their friends on Xbox/pc

thesoftware73066d ago

I own the game and would like to play with my Son on PC and me on Playstation, we have been waiting for this for some time now.

So you see how it may ruin/limit a community for some? Everything is not based on you alone my man/woman.

warriorcase66d ago

>hackers on pc
It's a PVE game that you play with your friends list. But sure, let's not let PS players coop play with their friends on other platforms.

gamer780466d ago

Ugh I want all my friends to be able to play together regardless of platform atleast for third party games…

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Hawk19866666d ago

That's a shame for the 1 person still playing it.

JAWx42366d ago

Been replaying it with a friend on PC, so there's at least two people still playing lol.