Game Revolution: Sam & Max Season 1 Review

Game Revolution writes: "The original Sam and Max Hit the Road, developed by Lucasarts, was a riotously funny point-and-click adventure game featuring a wisecracking dog and rabbit detective team. Fans of the original will be happy to know that the personalities stay intact in this new series by Telltale Games-Sam and Max still have the same strange, biting sense of humor. Even though Season 1 on the Wii gets off to a bit of a shaky start and the puzzles are completely ludicrous throughout, this comedic adventure steadily improves over the course of six episodes.

Each episode involves a supporting character who has fallen under a hypnotic influence. Dealing with cases surrounding everything from the former child stars the Soda Poppers to the pushy talk show host Myra, these goofy entertainers are all wrapped up in a nonsensical conspiracy involving the mob, the US Government, and space-faring bacteria. Sam and Max end up on a wild goose chase (not literally, although it wouldn't be out of place in this weird game) and are randomly thrown from one unusual setting to the next."

+ Clever dialogue and interesting story
+ Episodes improve gradually
+/- Return of point-and-click adventures
- Nonsensical puzzles
- Inadequate hint system
- Blurry background text

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