1UP: Killzone 2 Preview

1UP writes: " I actually reviewed the original Killzone, and from my quick spin through some of the single-player, the safe thing to say is that Killzone 2 reskins the original with more "bang-bang-boom-boom!" aesthetics and fewer technical holdbacks.

Killzone was essentially Medal of Honor/Call of Duty but with space Nazis, meaning an intense cinematic depiction of warfare with a sci-fi sheen -- think Saving Private Ryan where Spielberg digitally replaces Allies and Nazis with ISA and Helghast. Killzone 2 preserves this tone while serving up production values that do manage to hit the fabled target render video from 2005 -- all with a consistent framerate (my biggest annoyance with the original)."

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BulletToothtony3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

"I don't think Guerrilla Games excels at making games "fun," but they're certainly good at making them look the part"

"Right away, I feel that the Helghast are plentiful, yet somewhat unsatisfying to fight against."

1up tries, but their fanboyism it's too hard for them to hide...

So Easy I Can Do It3603d ago

it's gonna get deducted b/c it's on the ps3 no doubt
the more the media hates the ps3, the more i like the ps3


I dont care the amount of bias reviews killzone2 gets.Nothing is stopig me from buying it.Reviews can kiss my a$$.And EDGE can go to hell with the 6/10 they alerday waiting for this game.

Aclay3603d ago

Tina Sanchez: "On top of that, the overall character design also seems questionable -- red eyes contrasting dark uniforms make them unnecessarily stand out. In turn, from a player's perspective, the Helghast eyes become the only feature to watch out for on the battlefield -- which distracts from their overall visual design and makes them all blur together into a sea of red eyes that feel one and the same."

^^^WTF?!! What does any of that bull have to do with the overall gameplay? LOL. The Helghast enemy "design" has been around since Killzone 1, so why is she making such a big deal out of it in KZ2? The Red Glowing Eyes of the Helghast to me is like a Trademark of the Killzone series and I see no problem with it.

After reading the previews from multiple game sites it looks like that KZ2 is going to live up to the hype big time. Thierry Nguyen, stated that the game had a consistent framerate and for me that was probably the ONLY thing that I was a little worried about, but since Guerrilla has nailed the A.I. and Framerate (the major draw backs to Killzone 1) I see no reason why KZ2 won't get good review scores.

poopsack3603d ago

"I feel that the Helghast are plentiful, yet somewhat unsatisfying to fight against"

R U kidding me 1up? Just watching them die and hearing them scream to hell is fun. Just WATCHING.

Danja3603d ago

I played the Beta a few times and I can say that I didn't see ne Glitch or Technical probs and this was MP online Beta...

and it's always a blast to Kill Helghast they hearing them spout there lil arrogant tag lines...then shooting them up and watching them squirm in

I hope Sony doesn't allow 1UP to review KZ2....

Bathyj3603d ago

How can the enemies be unsatisfying?

The hit reactions and death animations (animations is really the wrong word because it implys they're pre-canned when they're not) are unparralleled. The blood, incredible. This game looks so visceral.

Plus, on a personal level, I much prefer shooting humans or humanoid creatures compared to weird alien type stuff like Dead Space. Not that Dead Space isn't great, I just prefer shooting people. What? is it just me?

derek3603d ago

"perhaps the best looking console game ever, at least on a technical level" Just cant bring himself to say KZ2 is simply far and away the most graphically impressive game for a console ever and just leave it at that. 1up just laying the ground work for the mediocre review they so desperately want to give KZ2.

claney3603d ago

How did this guy get to be a reviewer at 1up?
Shane Bettenhausen, senior executive editor

from what i read he liked killzone 2 without
saying "o shlt its not halo! so no good"

beavis4play3603d ago

if this game had masterchief in it and the helghast were called the "dark spartans" or something. then slap a haloesque name on the cover.......1up would be raving about this game. as it is, it seems like it's killing them to be positive about it.

theEnemy3603d ago

see things that others doesn't.

God Like Eye Vision.

airheadluffy3603d ago

if thats their only complaint then that must mean it really is good. if these sites need to nitpick in order to find something negative about the game then that must mean its amazing.

mikeslemonade3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

The most recent 1up yours podcast had very good things to say. They said the game was polished, no frame rate issues, and has diverse locales. I love my games polished and looking very nice. I don't like games like Fallout 3 and GTA4 where they are big but the game looks like crap and has bugs.

I think it was Mark Mcdonald who said he played the 6 levels 4 times. He was only forced to play it twice but he voluntarily played it 4 times. He emphasized that game was very polished for game that is still pretty far from release.

Blademask3603d ago

Yeah like the Gears commercials that Digital Domain did..

Or the Halo3 commercials, that Digital Domain did..

all 100% cgi.

Double standards are getting annoying. Well we know one thing EVERYONE CAN EAT #?$#@4 ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY SAID ABOUT THE PS3 NOT BEING ABLE TO PULL OFF THE GRAPHICS.

No one has apologized to GG yet. Its SOOO hilarious. THey wont even talk about the graphics lol. But they can nitpick the character designs that were there since kz1.

JoySticksFTW3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

The back-handed "compliments" in this preview are Hateriffic, and certainly does not have a unbiased tone.

I guess The Terminator movies and tv series all suck, because of their red eyes is all viewers can focus on instead of the intense action and story

More like "1MiddleFingerUP2S0nyandi"

jammy_703602d ago

is poo

this game will kick ass in every way!

Coconutz9193602d ago

Look, I only own a PS3 this gen, but I regularly read 1up and listen to their podcasts. In fact on their latest podcast they had a lot of really great things to say about killzone 2. I'm really puzzled at the tone of this crap preview, since one of the guys actually said that killzone 2 has generally won over everyone at 1up.

Anyway, I'm trying to say that 1up isn't as bad as everyone seems to think it is. As a PS3 owner I highly recommend the 1up Yours podcast. The four regular guys there are suprisingly insightful (Garnett, Shane, John, and David).

Kleptic3602d ago

totally agree...the 1up yours podcast is easily the best regular podcast i've found...

Bettenhausen being somewhat of an admitted PS3 fan...and Dave Ellis being the admitted 360 fan...and they butt heads a good bit, but still have valid points...Bettenhausen usually wrecks him though; Ellis gets called out a lot of being a douche...

Ellis by the way is the larger guy that whined and moaned about killzone 2 a few weeks ago on the 1up show...saying the game was too hard to control and 'too realistic'...yet admitted he only played the game beta for like an hour...and totally sucked at it...this is also the same guy that said Gears 2 made him cry when he first played it...that it was that perfect because of its visuals and 'realism'...its obvious how he gets called out for being an idiot pretty often...

I seriously though would love to read what people were saying if this was a 360 exclusive...a lot of sites would most likely have a 100% different tone towards the game...

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ultimolu3603d ago

...These sites are starting to piss me the f*ck off now.
It sounds as if they're trying so hard to find something wrong with the game but failing miserably.

Stryfeno23603d ago

Lol, I cant wait for the metacritic score on this one.

ultimolu3603d ago

You seriously want the game to fail, don't you...

Stryfeno23603d ago

I don't comment on rumors and speculation....Sorry.

PoSTedUP3603d ago

what system is this for?

NegativeCreep4273603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I've heard from other sources like gamesradar that due to the more realistic feel and motion of Killzone 2, and the unique motion capture effects of the enemy Helghast that combat in the game feels far more satisfying than any other shooter yet.

How exactly is it unsatisfying to fight the Helghast? Are fighting Nazi's in COD: WAW just too addicting now that this author just can't go back?

InMyOpinion3603d ago

"Shooter fans will find Killzone 2's cover system notable. Separating the "take cover" function from the "run" function makes gameplay seamless, especially compared to Gears of War -- you'll never find yourself getting stuck behind an unnecessary barrier."

1UP are obviously PS3 fanboys, bashing Gears of War in an article that's about Killzone 2.

Kleptic3602d ago

your sarcasm is either poorly done...or you are serious...either of which is sad...

Tina Sanchez is an idiot...she is upset that in Killzone 2 you fight an army with a standard uniform based on rank and class (its already confirmed that there are 20 different types of enemy soldiers)...

yeah...I too would enjoy fighting an army that seemed extremely ghetto by not having attire requirements...that would really help the realism, wouldn't it?...and I love how all the CoD have identical Nazi's (save 4 obviously)...yet no one ever complains about every enemy looking the same in that case...

Kleptic3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


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Graphics Whore3603d ago

1up is really putting the hammer down and letting people know they straight up don't like the PS3.

Panthers3603d ago

They will give it an 89% at the highest. It would cause them too much pain to give it anything higher.


"After a short while, though, the cover system feels more like a gimmick than an engaging in-battle experience. "So y is killzone2 cover system a gimmick but gears of wars system is not?!?!?!?

I am sick of fan boys getting jobs at game websites.Y cant i tke hes place and get paid to play games and write a NONE BIAS preview.

Danja3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

they'll probably deduct points bcuz:

1 - PS3 Exclusive
2 - Surpasses 2005 E3 Trailer
3 - The game is just too good for there liking
4 - MP is really good , Lag Free - PSN is suppose to suck at these things...

5 - PS3 shouldn't have good game it's just a Blu ray player
6 - A 360 fanboy will most likely review it...

Bathyj3603d ago

I cant wait to get to grips with the cover system. So many times playing through CoD5 I said, Man I wish I could just press up againsts this wall and then pop out for a quick burst.

I might freeze myself til Febuary.

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trancefreak3603d ago

yup i wonder how they reviewed the eyes of the combine soldiers from half life 2 from the orange box. I guess the blue eyes were just right 1upyours


The sad thing is that god of war3 will also suffer from this d1ck heads at 1up,edge,gamespot......e.t.c

Salta_nelas3603d ago

"KZ2 is the best looking console game I have ever seen. EVER seen. Way better than Gears. Particle effects, texture quality, way better than Gears"--- 1UP Yours Podcast December 08