It's Got Character: discussing Mario Golf's roster and the Loftwing amiibo

Nintendo's certainly made some choices of late - and Random Nintendo's breaking them all down with analysis of the unexpected faces on the Mario Golf roster, the controversy around the Loftwing amiibo, and the latest Switch Online library additions. Plus, a celebration of Donkey Kong's 40th anniversary.

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8 of the most useless amiibo figures ever released

A new list goes over eight of the the most useless amiibo, ranging from the Shadow Mewtwo card to the Qbby figure.

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Nintendo Select: 5 Switch Games That Deserve A Second Chance

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "The Nintendo Switch has been one Nintendo’s most successful systems ever, both measured by the number of units sold and the quality of its titles, but if there’s one thing this generation has been missing it would have to be the Nintendo Selects line, bringing existing titles that had paid their dues back at bargain prices. With the Switch now entering its twilight years, and there being few new titles in store for the foreseeable future, what better time could there be to bring back this tried-and-true tradition? While the actual realization of it may be doubtful given how rigid both hardware and software prices have become in recent years, that only gives us all the more reason to dream up a hypothetical lineup of our own.

For this article the specific focus will not be on those massive multi-million evergreens that the lineup would no doubt contain a few of to cement its value, but instead on games that for one reason or another fell short of their full potential the first time around and deserve a second chance to reach more players at an affordable price. Let’s get started."

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FinalFantasyFanatic104d ago

I really want Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Switch, can't believe that hasen't been ported. I'm playing Skyward Sword at the moment and I'm almost finished, but it's so long and the controls are so bad, even without motion. Astral Chain is fantastic though, they should make a sequel.


The Mario vs. Donkey Kong demo just hit Nintendo Switch.

Guess I know what my kids and I are playing tonight! Looks just our speed. (They sure as heck aren’t playing Sony’s stealth-dropped free Silent Hill.)

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