World's largest Donkey Kong arcade game to debut at The Strong Museum

After a collaboration with Nintendo of America, the Strong Museum has managed to build the world's largest Donkey Kong arcade game machine.

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Snookies12470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Is it the Seth Rogen version? Oh wait, that's part of the season pass, isn't it?


The Mario vs. Donkey Kong demo just hit Nintendo Switch.

Guess I know what my kids and I are playing tonight! Looks just our speed. (They sure as heck aren’t playing Sony’s stealth-dropped free Silent Hill.)

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MAR10 Day: 10 Games To Play Before The Super Mario Bros Movie

It's Mario Day! Celebrate with these ten Mario games referenced in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie!

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Why Donkey Kong Could be the Future of Nintendo

Donkey Kong existed at the beginning of Nintendo's gaming empire, but he could also be the company's future in innovative platforming adventures.

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GotGame818546d ago

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was challenging, at least if you went for all collectibles.

sadraiden546d ago

I'm sure Nintendo is well aware that DK exists.