Biomutant - Toxic Waste that Belongs in a Dumpster | Gaming Instincts

Leonid Melikhov: Biomutant has no soul or anything that's remotely interesting. It is a game that truly belongs in a dumpster that is filled with toxic waste.

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Community1120d ago
gamingtext20201120d ago

That’s a little overboard, don’t you think?

LeeFender1120d ago

No, I just have actual standards and do not tolerate bad buggy development and poorly executed ideas.

gamingtext20201120d ago


I respect that amigo.

Tacoboto1119d ago

Maybe those standards should be used for better things, like proofreading your review instead of writing clickbait headlines.

1119d ago
Rachel_Alucard1119d ago

Good keep those standards. Apparently others do not like it when someone is overly critical on anything, but the gaming industry really needs to be more in line with movie reviews where 30s and 40s are handed out most of the time. A 6/10 in this industry is like a 3/10 thanks to overly easy to please reviewers.

milohighclub1119d ago

Sounds like you have no respect for hard working developers.

KillBill1119d ago

Maybe you should have played the game after the patch? Because reports are that the buggs only occurred really in pre-patch.

Yusi-D-Jordan1119d ago

You're not a real journalist. You're a hound looking for clicks. I haven't played the game, nor do I intend to, but there's a modicum of civility and a respect for journalistic integrity when reporting your subjective opinion of a product. Rethink your awful life choices.

SurgicalMenace1119d ago

Wow, don't tolerate?!?!🤣🤣 Who are you even? I'm more than sure when your game comes out, it will put all other games to shame.

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zumlauf141120d ago

considering im seeing a lot of 5/10's..maybe hes not too far off

gamingtext20201120d ago

Lol, good point. The devs are not so talkative on Twitter anymore, I wonder why?

roadkillers1119d ago

Even Conan was pretty iffy about it

--Onilink--1119d ago

I mean, the meta average is around 64-68%. Not good, but not terrible, I’ve certainly have played a few games in the low 70s high 60s which were definitely flawed but had some good things going for them.

A 3.5 is something thats borderline unplayable

UglyGeezer1119d ago

Maybe in terms of score... but describing a team of devs works as belonging in a dumpster is childish and not exactly constructive. Sure, they may have missed the mark, they will feel that more than anyone.

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CaptainHenry9161120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

No it's not. This game is trash. I saw this coming a long time ago. The game didn't even look that good to begin with. There's a lot of 5/10s reviews up already

gamingtext20201119d ago


Well it might be true that the game is “trash” to others, it might be phenomenal to you. It’s best to wait for this game to go on sale, to give it a try.

ThomasDaTank1119d ago

The reviews are mostly bad so far. I don’t think it’s going overboard. I think those who pre-ordered simply don’t like to hear anything bad said against the game.

ufo221119d ago

Steam refund policy, enough said

1119d ago
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melons1120d ago Show
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LordoftheCritics1120d ago

Is it really that bad?

3.5/10 seems a bit extreme. Unless it really is.

Nitrowolf21119d ago

that is extreme IMO
It's a "OK" game
nothing ground breaking
nothing super bad.
Worth a play when it's on a discount but not a must play

WillyC0091120d ago

I knew this game would turn out poorly. It’s a shame though, initially it looked different and interesting.

Pridefall1119d ago

Was keen when I saw the first teaser. Everything since has been downhill.