Zelda: Skyward Sword HD screenshots

Nintendo started to ramp up promotional efforts for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. We learned about a new amiibo that will be compatible with the game, and a new batch of screenshots are in as well.

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DigitallyAfflicted194d ago

Amazing graphics, Nintendo really is doing all they can on this one...

Fraggle1987194d ago

Does that include locking basic content that should be in the game behind a plastic paywall?

camel_toad194d ago


I think it was sarcasm

CrimsonWing69194d ago

Pretty sure it was sarcasm. The ellipses sorta give it away…

bouzebbal193d ago

Extremely lazy port.. 0 addition and pay wall implementation behind a piece of plastic. If only fans can boycott this one.. Nintendo have been anti consumer this gen, only living on wiiu library, ports are full price, prices are exact same.. I honestly don't get how people still support them

curtain_swoosh194d ago

cant tell if sarcasm or not ha

DigitallyAfflicted193d ago

Trying to be subtle, hard to tell who's in Nintendo's pocket

TheRealTedCruz194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Reminds me of my childhood, being it looks like nothing has been updated.

How much do they want for this? $20?
*checks retail price* oh my....

*sees they're also locking quality of life updates behind a paywall*
Oh ...

TheRealTedCruz193d ago

It's unfortunate.
They have great IP on their hands, but instead of being pro consumer, and making use of their popularity in a positive way, they just take advantage of long time fans.

I just want to see them get better.

porkChop193d ago

I've never played Skyward Sword. I'd like to play it finally but I'm not sure I can justify the price considering the lack of any real enhancements.

TheRealTedCruz193d ago

At least when they rereleased Windwaker for the Wii U, they put some effort into enhancing the visuals and the content.

All they did here was pretty much just take a 10 year old game from two generations ago, drop it on the Switch, and call it a day.

Oh, and you need to pay extra to enjoy simple quality of life elements we've already developed. Better get that amiibo quick, being we like to make limited runs of things in order to get people to panic but virtually everything we make.

Nintendo is the Disney of the videogame world.
I really do enjoy their games, but they treat their fans like crap.

Outlawzz194d ago

How cool would it have been to get windwaker, twilight, and skyward sword trilogy pack lol one can only dream of a greedyless Nintendo

I'm picking this up for half off on eBay. That's the most I can bear to pay.

Relientk77193d ago

Full price for a minimal effort port

racer22193d ago

20 dollars, not a dime more. Greed.....

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The story is too old to be commented.