Is Returnal fair as a Triple-A experience?

Returnal is $70 / Triple-A priced game. Given the game's roguelike design principles and focus on a play style that is - up to now - anything but 'AAA' has the reality of Returnal been fairly communicated to players?

In this episode Stace Harman and John Robertson delve into Returnal design, how it has been communicated to players and what it means for a Triple-A space that has not played host to anything like quite it before now.

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Orchard128d ago

I think we already have the answer - yes, because people are buying it and the vast majority are not complaining about an unfair deal.

127d ago
Knushwood Butt128d ago

What is AAA play style exactly?!

I have 48 hours in this and still coming back for more punishment.

NeoGamer232128d ago

Yes, AAA is a subjective thing to gamers.

Some believe it is the cost to develop, others believe it is the quality of the end product.

I subscribe to AAA being the quality of the end product. To me, whether a game was $100,000 to create or $200,000,000 to create, it is AAA if it was a very high quality of product. Meaning, the game time is the right length, the graphics are really good for the game, the sound is really good, the gameplay is addictive and fun, the controls are spot on, the story is great, and the whole game feels like a very good and cohesive experience.

jjb1981128d ago

Personally, I value several games on a per dollar basis. So if I spend 30 hours on a $60 game, I ask myself if it was worth the $2 an hour. Whatever the exchange may be, I base my value on that. There have been games where I don't even consider that and that's where the true value lies.

stupidusername128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

That’s a interesting take. I really enjoy Returnal but I start to question if it was worth the money when I consider what each hour so far costs.
Where I live Returnal (basic edition) costs 100$, and I’ve spent 10 hours so far. 10$ every hour is a lot for a game.

Taero128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

And have you completed it in 10 hours? It took me approximately 30 to get the final ending so a little over $3/hour seems fine. If I were a completionist who wanted all of the items etc. I could probably double that.

stupidusername128d ago

No, I'm not that good at it. I'm still playing it, so the ratio is only going to get better. I don't regret buying the game, but the price is steep. Though one could argue that the price is fair considering that games haven't really increased their price in forever.

Darkborn128d ago

That's a dumb way to put it in my opinion. Your buying an experience. How easy is it to spend $20-30 minimum for watching a movie at a theater for 2 hours? Was that worth $15 an hour? Plus that was a one time experience and a game can be replayed. Go to a theme park and easily exceed $70 for a few hours of enjoyment. It's not a 1:1 for enjoyment. Entertainment is based on the fun factor. Was it fun? Did you enjoy yourself? Those are the questions that matter.

jjb1981128d ago

I guess it's dumb if you make that comparison with other activities.. I never once brought up movies or theme parks. Those moments are spent with family and are about the time we spend together. I don't make a monetary association when going out with my family. Video games are my hobby so I make that connection constantly. There are certain franchises that I will buy without any regard for the day-one price tag. For most other games, even though I know I can have fun, I ask myself if it's worth the price tag for what I will get out of it. My time is limited. $2.50 an hour for TLoU 2 is better than $0.40 an hour for Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Darkborn127d ago

Still doesn't make sense. Some games are made with much more quality than others. With your own statement you pretty much said that. Famlly time is quality just like some games are made better than others. You can fully enjoy a game that's shorter and costs the same price as a much larger game such as assassins creed like you said and not have as much fun of a time. Just becuase assassins creed takes 60+ hours to complete but it's a complete boring grind, doesn't make it a better purchase than a 10 hour game that is insanely fun and you think about for years after.

Yui_Suzumiya127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I always wonder where people live that they spend $20 to $30 on a movie ticket. Most I ever spent was $10 and that was a 3D Imax movie. Most theaters I know are $4 to $7 for a ticket.

jjb1981127d ago

My first comment is how I would evaluate a single game. My second comment was how I would compare the value of two games to each other. Don't think to hard.

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franwex127d ago

I used to do it like that when I was a teenager, but even then I didn’t think it was a fair measure.

It’s still an interesting way of looking at things, but it doesn’t tell the whole picture.

A shorter expensive game can be a great experience compared to a longer game that you get on sale.

Abear21128d ago

It under promised and over delivered. With all the remasters and sequels these days how can anyone complain when something new and unexpected comes along and blows everyone away. Worth it?
Just how can anyone with a PS5 not buy this game?

Lighter9128d ago

Riiiiight. I don't have a PS5 still, and I want this game.

jukins128d ago

Perfect explanation. Theres something special about this. Ive been on biome 3 for 2 weeks. And i keep coming back.

VersusDMC128d ago

These arguments will never come up when the Skyward Sword remaster comes out at 60...didn't even come up with New Pokemon Snap being 60 as well. It's like every week with Returnal now.

Vegamyster128d ago

There has been plenty of articles for years talking about Nintendo’s pricing for games, wether it’s about older games being more expensive or there port practices lol. It’s all about clicks, no different than all articles talking about how the 3DS and Switch would all be failures before they came out etc.

waverider128d ago

Its a sony game and this is the new strategy to try and downplay and get clicks...

RaiderNation127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Nintendo can kick rocks! The Switch is my last Nintendo system. I bought it at launch and It had a great 1st year with titles like Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Arms, Fast RMX, Mario Odyssey, etc. And ever since then, the output has gotten progressively worse each year. I haven't played mine since Luigi's Mansion 3 in 2019. Since then it's done nothing but collect dust. The offerings from Nintendo since then have either been games that do not appeal to me (Animal Crossing, Pokémon, etc) or they are lackluster, overpriced remasters and Wii/Wii U ports. I think Nintendo's output overall since that first launch year has been incredibly sub-standard.

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