How Does Judgment Compare to Yakuza?

MonsterVine: "The announcement of Lost Judgment has drawn a lot of attention from players who weren’t aware of the previous game and have many questions–including how it ties in with the Yakuza series."

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TakeTori75d ago

Yakuza is on PC
Judgement is not

Terry_B75d ago

Just a matter of time now anyway

S2Killinit75d ago

Thank you for writing this article, I think a lot of people needed this. Ive played and loved judgment but this is what gaming journalism should be.

CrimsonWing6975d ago

I mean it’s very Yakuza-like, but there’s enough unique gameplay mechanics/differences to let it be like it’s own game. I find the whole lawyer/detective dynamic to be interesting and I think it’s cool that it takes place in the same world as Yakuza. But it’s not so radically different from Yakuza that the two are indistinguishable.

Killa7875d ago

I think Judgment will be the traditional Yakuza game going forward vs Yakuza moving a more RPG style game.

Still need to play the 3, 4 and 5 remasters for Yakuza before playing 7!

giovonni75d ago

I haven’t played it yet it is still unopened as I’m still fumbling with Resident Evil 8