Bethesda joins Microsoft's E3 press conference

Bethesda won't host a separate press conference at E3.


Admin note: removed the part about Starfield. That's the journalist's opinion, not news.

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MrDead65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Will Starfield still be multiplatform or have MS banned this coming to other systems as well?

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iplay1up265d ago

No, Series S/X and PC. Game Pass, on launch day. I was hoping for a 2021 launch, but that doesn't look very likely at all. We will find out more during E3. Hopefully Nintendo and Microsoft will have a lot to show.

Witchcraft64d ago

If 7 million PS5s is "majority of game sales" then there's way fewer PC owners than I thought.

-Foxtrot65d ago

Probably Xbox / PC first

Others later...if that’s the path they go down

Darkborn65d ago

Exactly. I kinda feel like they might still release on PS eventually becuase as everyone knows it's the majority of all game sales. It would be stupid to lock out over half of possible sales just to put the game away on a "free" service and make almost no money anyways.

Sciurus_vulgaris65d ago

Phil Spencer says future Bethesda games will be exclusive to "platforms where Game Pass exists"

Christopher65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Spencer technically said their focus is on Game Pass first, not Game Pass only. But it can be assumed it was too lighten the fact that this was their goal. I'm certain certain IPs of theirs will always be multiplatform, specifically Minecraft.

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Christopher64d ago

***MS HAS already made that money back, enough to buy them twice and that's without Bethesda releasing anything.***

Just to reiterate, all of MS revenue doesn't make the gaming division profitable. Shareholders aren't going to be fine keeping a division if it's not making a profit like other divisions that prop it up.

PS-Gamer-198664d ago (Edited 64d ago )


That doesn't mean anything because we all know that Phil dreams of MS being able to launch Gamepass on PS and profit from its huge userbase. The only question is wheather sony will accept one day IF it becomes too successful to ignore

1Victor64d ago

@fox not if there’s contracts with the ink already dry.
I’ll look at Microsoft E3 show like every year not expecting anything otherwise listening to their PR will set me up for disappointment like many years before.
I hope they knock it out of the park with announcements of true gen games exclusively for xbsx coming in the next 6+ months and not another wait and see next year we’ll ________

DiRtY64d ago

I can’t believe some people still expect Bethesda games on PlayStation.

It is not going to happen.

DiRtY64d ago

“Just to reiterate, all of MS revenue doesn't make the gaming division profitable.”

You know what makes the gaming division profitable?
The gaming division.

2:10 mark.

Happy to help.

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chiefJohn11765d ago

A leak said it will be exclusive

Kakashi Hatake65d ago

Will the game be any good? There's so much hype around a game that we've seen nothing from.

TheRealTedCruz64d ago

No different than every game.
The devs/publishers announce it, and then the community decides whether or not its existence excites them.
To throw the ball to the other team, nobody knows if the new Ratchet and Clank will live up to expectations.
You only know once people are actually playing it; but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be excited for something.

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Tedakin65d ago

You mean is Starfield a first party MS game the same way God of War is a first party Sony game because they own the company and IP? Yes.

MrDead64d ago

That comparison would only work if God of War was developed as a multiplatform title then made exclusive.

Starfield was a multiplatform title I would like to know if it still is or have MS blocked that.

itsmebryan64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Well when you own it , why would you give it to the competition?

I don't understand why this is even a question. I don't hear this when Sony buys a studio. Everyone knows those studios will no longer be multi platform. Why do people think it will be different with Microsoft?

Tedakin64d ago

It's past absurd. The news came 9 months ago and people are still on about whether games are on Playstation. They can't get it through their heads that all of these games and companies are now first party to MS the same way Mario is to Nintendo and Uncharted is to PS. It's honestly kind of baffling at this point.

Gunstar7564d ago

Banned? LoL....

Why would they release a 1st party game elsewhere?

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Sayai jin64d ago

Banned? MS is Bethasda and Bethesda is MS. I didn't know that when Ninty or Sony keep they 1st party exclusives on their platform it was consider it being bammed on others.

I seriously doubt MS paid 7.5 billion USD to not keep Bethesda exclusives on the MS ecosystem. There are those that have their theories as to why they will release them on PS systems. However, I think that is jusy wishful thinking. Spencer already answered the question and there are those who are taking his words and forming their own conclusion(s).

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evilkillerk65d ago

I actually hate this, the Bethesda press conferences were almost always the best and the events they would throw for E3 were always exceptional

BrainSyphoned65d ago

After the Fallout76 love/lie fest @ E3 I'm happy to see it gone. Pete Hines can stay far far away, hell I don't really even want to hear from Todd anymore either.

NealGamby65d ago

Exactly. After the Fallout76 fiasco, it seems like Bethesda and MS were made for each other.

Darkborn65d ago

Now it's going to be 16 times the length. It just works.

DJStotty64d ago

And they still will be the same type of press conference?

Why would that suddenly change just because of a change of ownership?

Sayai jin64d ago

They will still be great. The only difference is that Bethesda is now MS. You hate gaming business? They wiill still make games, but they will only be for the MS ecosystem.

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