Destructoid review: Persona 4 (10/10)

If you've never lost yourself in the world of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, you're missing out on one of the most unique RPG franchises available. The series games take place in modern day (or near-future) Japan, and instead of being medieval knights and wizards, you play as high school teens with the ability to summon "Personas" to aid them in the battle against evil

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Rick AstIey3603d ago

As expected, another Shin Megami Tensei masterpiece.

sunnygrg3603d ago

Another 10? Wow, I thought I would play one more round of P3. My money goes to these amazing devs.

BLuKhaos3603d ago

Wow I'm late to the party,I'm still playing Persona 2 and I plan on getting P3:FES this up coming week and hopefully someone could be my savior this Holiday and give me P4 for Christmas.I LOVE PERSONA!!!!!!!!

Danja3603d ago

only 3 more days left till we finally get to play the RPG of the year...

another perfect not even finished with FES yet...

ruibing3602d ago

Proof that you don't need a large budget or design to appeal the western market. You just need to nail down your game, make it fun, make it run well, and do a good job in the localization.

I would love for this to sell better than the so-called next gen games that SE has been pumping out. I already got mine pre-ordered!

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Homicide3603d ago

This is the RPG of the year.

Danja3603d ago

If this trend continues this could be also be the highest rated game of the year , and highest rated PS2 game also...

soul899er3603d ago

Persona is gonna win RPG of the Year AGAIN!! xD Ha! This game scored higher than every other RPG on 360! LOL

BLuKhaos3603d ago

lol to be fair it also outscored every PS3 RPG.

kwicksandz3603d ago

Not difficult when approximately 1.5 rpgs where released on the system this year!

Skerj3603d ago

Hurry the hell up Tuesday!!

Aclay3603d ago

8 years into the PS2's lifecycle and it's still getting AAA games like this, it's just amazing.

2008 AAA PS2 title= Persona 4
2007 AAA PS2 title= God of War 2

GOW2 and Persona 4 will definantly go down as the last few greatest PS2 games.

NipGrip3602d ago

And the PS3 will still be going strong like this in it's 8th year as well, while the 360 has moved on to the next console as it's been tapped. Yet people will somehow herald the 360 as the "winner" of this generation with no clue what they speak of.

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The story is too old to be commented.