THQ Nordic Confirms Native PS5/Xbox Series Versions of Biomutant are In Development

THQ Nordic finally confirms current-gen versions of Biomutant are in development.

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Community1153d ago
isarai1154d ago

Free upgrade i hope, had this thing pre-ordered since the reveal trailer.

phoenixwing1154d ago

I'll be playing the upgraded version day one on pc

KillBill1153d ago

"The biggest question is this: will it be a free upgrade for the PS5/Xbox Series?" the article in question did not answer on that question as of yet.

gamingtext20201153d ago

For their sake and the sake of this game, it has to be a free upgrade.

sourOG1153d ago

Same. I bought digital and the collectors edition. So I covered at least one or two of the people crying about the preorder bonus.

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porkChop1153d ago

Hmm. I might hold off then. I'd rather play through it once the next gen versions are out.

annoyedgamer1153d ago

The PC version is out. Its next gen.

Vizigoth041153d ago

Don’t get me wrong I totally get playing on the best hardware but I think what gets some of us to still stick to the console versions is due to our addictive nature to trophies and achievements.

StoneyYoshi1153d ago


Steam has achievements too...

Thundercat771153d ago

This game looks kind of like Zelda. Very cartoonist and lost like for kids.

KillBill1153d ago

Less cartoony than Ratchet & Clank. Graphics look great. Has a 'Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden' vibe to it in terms of characters.

StoneyYoshi1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

"Less cartoony than Ratchet & Clank."

And your point? Its also less graphically impressive than R&C

KillBill1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

@StoneyYoshi - point was that Ratchet & Clank is more cartoony and still draws a lot of love for it while being cartoony. As for you claims that Ratchet & Clank is more "graphically impressive"... I am less interested in Ratchet & Clank than Biomutant. And to me Biomutant simply looks better. And we still haven't seen current generation versions of Biomutant yet. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

TheLigX1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Hahaha biomutant looks better than Ratchet?!?! You’re smoking crack homie. After watching the first 20 min or so, I can tell you that biomutant is a 7 in the very best case. Prolly gonna hit in the 5s.

1152d ago
KillBill1151d ago

@StoneyYoshi - "Its also less graphically impressive than R&C" I would argue against that myself.There is nothing really impressive about R&C graphics to me. Biomutant detail has a far more realistic feel to it in terms of hair on the characters, movement, atmosphere, environment. R&C looks nice but is very linear and sanitized look to it. Looks like a cartoon.. so what? What is so special about R&C again?

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Relientk771153d ago

I'll just wait for the PS5 version then

northpaws1153d ago

According to the disagrees, you can't, you have to play it on PC or last gen consoles, you are not allowed to wait for PS5 version. /s

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Biomutant Review - Thumb Culture

Biomutant has finally arrived on Switch! Dive into a world of cute mutants and monster-bashing combat. Find out what we thought about it!

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Community41d ago
Crazyglues41d ago

This game could have been huge, but sadly it fails big time at just being a lot o fun to play... Which is what it should be because that's how it looks when you first hear about the game.

-But at every turn they fail at fun to play.. What do I mean? Glad you asked -(remember Mario from Nintendo, any Mario, the first time you played it, there was one thing really clear right off the back) -It's super fun to play... Period, no matter what your doing it's fun.

Bungie once said the secret to good game design is take something that is really fun about the game, and extending it to all over the game.

Biomutant could have hit that bar with very little effort. The game has so much going for it. In my opinion the only thing they needed to nail was how it plays / and that's where it fails the most. This is a game that could have sold 23 million copies and instead did 1 million...

anast41d ago

I was really hyped for this game.

Glemt41d ago

I'm still wondering "what do you mean". I've not played the game and am genuinely interested in what your argument is. But your argument boils down to:
Biomutant devs failed at every turn, because Nintendo made their games fun? Because Biomutant fails at "how it plays". Are we talking control scheme? Combat? Exploration? What exactly?

Again, genuinely interested to hear more of your thoughts on this because it seems you know exactly why this game didn't work.

Crazyglues38d ago

@ Glemt

Ok, I'll explain... I guess if you have not played the game then you are lost on what I was saying. So ok I get that. -but I think for anyone that played the game you know what I mean because it stands out like a soar thumb, what's bad in the game.

I'll try to keep this short / I'll try / the game has bad combat, bad exploration, bad overall game mechanics, in the way it feels... Now mind you, that's just one persons opinion but it's also just a gaming thing. (meaning as a gamer you know what you like and what you don't) So for example:

Iin Grand tursimo 7 gas, or making the car go forward on the track is the R2 button on the PS5 controller / as a game designer you can change this to something else, but it is a bad idea because it's a universal idea.. Something people have just come to expect and something they know without reading instructions.
People start to play a racing game or just start driving and they expect R2 to be gas or to go forward...

So expectation is important in game design. (I remember the Watchdogs developer was doing an interview and he said all the playtest they did / people hated the driving, it didn't feel right. And it was bringing their view of the game way down. Because they were expecting it to drive like Grand theft Auto. And he said, "But our game is not about driving, that's a small part of the game." --> But that is Gamers Expectation.. or you can call it we are Spoiled because of Whatever game did driving really well / that becomes your standard or expectation.

Biomutant does not play like what you expect. It's very dry, very un-rewarding, and overall boring. Not fun.

Some will push pass this but most gamers won't. They won't forgive the game for that and will stop playing very quickly. Why?
It's like just how gamers are, some get really into your game mechanics and push past what's hard and find the sweet spot, but most gamers just want fun, so if it's not fun right off the back they stop playing or move on.

It's why a ton of gamers look at game reviews, they want to know if the game is any good, worth my time. Will it be fun to play in the end. People want their game time to be interesting and fun.

I can get into how you would do this step by step in making the game, but I don't think you want to hear all of that.
So let's just say this, Steve Jobs, never made or invented anything at apple, he was the person who decided what needed to be made or designed. (they put five of apples best iPods or Mp3 players as they were called back then on a table and Steve played with each one, and then he picked the one Apple would go with) that became the iPod we know today with the scroll wheel / he knew the feel of that would be a game changer it made it work in a way that was really interesting and fun to scroll thru your music. Keep in mind No one else of the people at the top of the company knew which one would be good or why.

Game design seems to be the same way, they need a Steve Jobs leading the team, or just someone who's really into gaming / someone that really get's Gamers, a gamer like me. To explain why this is fun and why this is not. (I think I really need to start a company to help game companies) I would have showed them how to make that game sell 23 million copies instead of 1 million...

Right now I'm sure Biomutant could have made the character walk 22 different ways, but only one of those ways is going to be really good, and fun to play, who is deciding which one is the one to go with? You need that person to make decisions on all aspects of the game.