Days Gone PC: a quality conversion that elevates the console experience

Sony promised us more PC conversions of their stellar first party development output and while Horizon Zero Dawn illustrated that this is far from a simple process, Days Gone is on another level.

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waverider30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I think DF should also make this comparison with the most used gpu card by PC gamers. I think its the 1060 and not just higher end gpu that arent what is being used by the biggest share of pc gamers.

Atom66630d ago

"Most used" gets thrown around a lot, but the card with the "biggest share" of users is only like 9 or 10% of the total #.

They would have to do 20+ hardware comparisons to even get close to showing a real majority of configurations.

Just hop onto YouTube and find someone running it on specs similar to your own, if you're interested.

If you just want to feel better about your console purchase, there's plenty of videos of guys running games on the lowest pc hardware config possible, too.

waverider30d ago

Not really i think its much more usefull to show what gamers really use then dream cards. You dont need to make 20 comparison. If the 1060 is the most used, then its easy or somehting like that. Of course they can also show the game running on the 3080 that like maybe not even 1% of PC gamers got..

kneon30d ago

It would be more useful to show it running on the "median" card. The only issue is defining which that is as there isn't a strict linear ordering of available cards.

Michiel198929d ago

@wave thats not DF's angle, if you want benchmarks for the cards that average Joe's use then there is plenty of sites to go to. DF is all about how a game runs with top notch hardware and the postive/negatives of the game in question running on said hardware. thats why these videos arent for everyone which is totally fine with me.

Atom66630d ago

But again, only 9% of users have that card.

Just go on YouTube like I said. DF is good about going through the top few cards. Others can show you low end if it is relevant to you.

MagicLebronJordan30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Waverider are you asking because you have an older video card or because you are salty the best version of the game is not on PS? Also Im betting the people who would buy this game have a gpu better than a 1060 a card that came out in 2016.

phoenixwing29d ago

I bought this game and I have a 2070 super

JeffGUNZ29d ago

Agreed. Seems like he wants an older card to compare to make PS5 look better. That is silly. With that logic, more people have a PS4 then PS5 so we should be comparing it to the PS4 version. I have a 2080, running this game on 1440P, ultra settings, 100% maxed out FOV and it's an absolute gem. I laugh when people think that there $500 console will outperform a 2-3 grand gaming PC. What world are they living in?

Flewid63830d ago

Between the PS5 & PC version, I doubt there's any difference to the naked eye.

LegoIsAwesome29d ago

So by those dislikes, I'm assuming that PC version is superior to the PS5 (running on BC)? So a console company like Sony, is supporting PC instead of their very own console? That's nice KEKW

Michiel198929d ago

@lego ofcourse they are gonna leverage the power of pc when they are porting it to pc, but thats has nothing to do with that they arent supporting their own console or anything. Do you expect them to release the exact same ps4 game which runs on hardware from like 2015? If you want to get steam review bombed, go ahead. The game released like 2 years ago FIRST on playstation, if thats not supporting their console then i dont know.

Also I wouldnt be surprised they eventually release a ps5 version thats comparable to the pc version.

Flewid63829d ago

Negligible, microscopic differences that the general consumer never cared about.

Grievous29d ago

There is no PS5 version. The PS5 runs the PS4 game in backwards compatibility mode and the only thing that is improved is the framerate.

Extermin8or3_29d ago

Disagree stoy felt pretty self contained and felt like it was done bae like 1 strand left todo with the hazmat suit guys but its neither here nor there abd bot something that it matters particularly if it is expanded upon or just left as a mystery.

neomahi30d ago

Id call for a PlayStation strike. PlayStation advertises the communication through the public that theyre in the hardware business, that they have Exclusives and thats why consumers buy a PlayStation. History has shown that consumers vote with their wallets and thats how consumers are heard. Consumers spend $400-$500 for PlayStation hardware under the impression that theyre not just buying PlayStations console, theyre buying their games. All of this ported to PC stuff is unacceptable and gamers should be calling Sony out on it, even if it means ruffling feathers and making a threat to support Microsoft and Game Pass. Either compete and give consumers what youre promising, or make peace with the competition and have one console saving consumers $1300+ every five years. Id live to only have to buy one console and play every game available, so compete right, or call a truce.

chronoforce29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I don't disagree with the statement but I think the majority of revenue generated by PC gaming is not really by premium priced games. The PS4 often has the lion share of units sales when it comes to third party games, in some games by quite a margin. There is an audience for premium games on PC but it is not as big as the audience on PS4. The revenue generated by F2P games especially that are multiplayer are skewing the data.

It's easy money for Sony but think I they are looking in the wrong direction if they need to boost the revenue they earn per title.

If anything Microsoft has shown having a PC audience doesn't do much at all.

ApocalypseShadow29d ago

The most ridiculous comment I've read in a month. I can't even fathom the level this post has attained. But it's low. Very.

If Sony wants a few extra dollars after making their money on PlayStation with their initial sales run, so be it. The one console idea is unimaginable, the price hikes and control of a one console future by that hardware owner would be on another level. Then, mentions something ignorant like game pass as a threat.

My eyes didn't just roll, they rolled right out of my head when I saw this.

Extermin8or3_29d ago

Ridiculous idea apart from anything else all you'd wind up doing is making pc gane sales look all he more crucial. I don't expect we will see titles like uncharted, the last of us or God of war make the jump. I'm sure bloodborne will though because we know there is an audience on pc for that title.

BEASELY29d ago

Salty fanboy comment, you cant stand that I can play this game far beyond what your toy console can provide, you are literally anti-consumer and anti-Sony.

JeffGUNZ29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

This makes no sense. First, why do you even care if a PS4 game gets ported over to PC years later? If anything, the PC sales may boost this enough for a sequel you can enjoy on your PS5 down the road. Second, they released it on PC. Sony is not competing with PC, they are competing with Xbox and Nintendo (consoles). Xbox only users can't play this game on their Xbox. PC players don't care about "console wars" bullshit.

People like you are what is wrong with gaming today. If anything, you should be happy that other gamers get to enjoy this great game. Yet, you take it personal that Sony ported it. This game wasn't released on PS4 and PC at the same time. It's been like two years. Grow up man and just enjoy gaming for you and don't worry about this nonsense.

I never played this game on PS4, but got it yesterday on PC. It's a blast. Running it ultra settings, 100% maxed out FOV, at 90+ FPS in 1440P is an absolute dream.

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