Days Gone Devs Crown the DualSense Controller Their Favorite PS5 Feature

Wccftech asked Bend Studio's Ron Allen and Zachary Lewis about their favorite PS5 feature and they both replied that it's the DualSense controller.

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Nyxus66d ago

Not surprising, it really adds a new dimension.

Alexious66d ago

True. I do wish it could be supported on PC, too....At least on Sony's games to begin with.

boing166d ago

It's a defining piece of hardware this gen and is an epitomy of what Playstation really stands for. It's all about the experience. Even if you're not a fan, you have to appriciate Sony for boldly trying to make old things feel new again. They nailed it and it shows. People can't stop talking about it.

66d ago
Einhander197166d ago

Personally love the whole package, Dualsense, SSD, how quiet the system is, 3D audio. Cant wait to see how amazing PSVR 2 will be as well.

FlyGuyHung66d ago

But the SSD thats supposed to save gaming and cure cancer tho....

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