5 Grindy Games That Were Worth All Those Hours of Pain & Suffering

Dylan writes: "Grinding in games can sometimes be comforting, right? Here are 5 addictive games that are worth the grind, no matter the frustration."

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HansyJ27d ago

Lost me at destiny 2 lol

FTLmaster27d ago

To be fair, it's a pretty grindy game!

GhostTurtle26d ago

To be worth it tho means it needs to hold value....

OneGreenMRAJ27d ago

I sometimes enjoy grind. Also, Rogue Legacy is a super underrated game, if you like castlevania and/or roguelikes, give it a shot.

NotoriousWhiz26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Definitely a great game. I own it on PS3, Vita, and Switch (maybe PS4 too can't remember) . Still haven't beaten it though lol.

pecorre27d ago

In comparison with games like Monster Hunter, Darks Souls is not grindy. You can finish the games in the series without any grind. On the other hand, you will never finish MH World or Iceborne if you don't grind for better armors or weapons. The time limit on hunts and the damage sponge bosses will keep you from progressing.

toxic-inferno27d ago

Agreed. I only recently played Dark Souls (played several other games in the series), and didn't spend any time grinding, yet managed to be so overlevelled that I had no trouble with any boss other than Kalameet.

I think the only way Dark Souls becomes grindy is if you don't level up effectively.

SDuck26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I guess for me who never played them before, it would be a grind to get good (but that doesn't justify its place on this list)

NotoriousWhiz26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Exactly. Dark souls isn't about grinding for character progression. It's about grinding to gain the skills needed to win. A grind that can take longer than character progression. But yes, definitely not grinding in the traditional sense.

Kurt Russell26d ago

I am sure you're 100% right. But I personally had to grind DS to get around the fact I suck at them. On bloodborne the amount of times I killed those slug students and farm them for xp was embarrassing.

Kaii27d ago

Don't agree with the DS pick
Destiny 1 had awful storytelling, but the amusement park was Interesting.

Fun/Chore shouldn't really mingle that much tbh

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