Final Fantasy XIV’s Beloved Composer Masayoshi Soken Kept Working For Months While Battling Cancer

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival has just concluded, and among the joy and celebrations, players witnessed a moving moment through the words of composer Masayoshi Soken.

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Michiel198928d ago

now thats someone who has passion for his job. respect and I hope he stays healthy

Michiel198927d ago

never thought i would tear up because of an article on n4g, yet here we are. it was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

jukins28d ago

I know mmos arent for everyone but ffxiv just embodies everything final fantasy. Whether you play solo or groups its a very very good game

TheRealTedCruz28d ago

I'm not huge on MMOs, but I do want to dip my toes into this.
A good one that I do actively play is Elder Scrolls Online; but that can be played as a solid single player RPG and, honestly, I think it's the best title in the series since Morrowind. The world is really detailed, and there's a lot of player agency had in missions. More than the mainline series lately, honestly.

TheColbertinator27d ago

I'm not into MMOs either but FFXIV has some quality features.

If you do get it, just be prepared to deal with a dozen group only main quest lines.

Viking_mo28d ago

Yep this is true. I stay away from MMOs cause it isn't my type of game. I bought it on PS4 and thought let me give it ago and im glad I did. The story is amazing and the community too. I think i sank 300hours to get the platinum and additional 200 after that. Stopped half way through heavensward. Definitely will pick it up on PS5

AzubuFrost28d ago

I've heard a lot of good things about FF14, but I hate having to pay monthly for a game that I already bought. Thus why I don't play WoW

Teflon0227d ago

Yup, I think one of the best parts of the game is you can actually play it like a solo title for the most part. Sucks having a subscription, but outside of that the game is literally one of my fav games I've played in the past 10 years and I hate MMOs generally

SinisterKieran27d ago

Was watching this, amazing stuff. Yoshida’s reaction was so heartwarming.

shammgod27d ago

Soken's work on FFXIV is a masterclass. Almost unfair to call it your favorite video game soundtrack due to the amount of music included in all its expansions, but even the vanilla release has beautiful music