Best Android RPGs of All Time

From dungeon crawlers to Souls-likes to state-of-the-art MMOs and story-driven classics, there is something for every fan of Android RPGs.

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anast31d ago

Cellphone gaming is gross.

instantstupor31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It's only as gross as you let it be. Slap a controller on a phone/tablet and get great games like Dead Cells or the like, and you're having a perfectly good time. It would never be my primary way to play games, but it is certainly able to be a solid supplementary platform.

31d ago
BrainSyphoned31d ago

Thanks for reminding me Square makes terrible mobile ports most the time and then copy pastes them to Steam.

Most of this list can and should be played in its original format on console or PC.

31d ago