Project xCloud on iOS Impressions

Joey Marrazzo: xCloud has made its way to iOS devices through a closed beta. With the power of Game Pass and a controller, does it live up to its promise?

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Hakaro31d ago

However, the experience of swinging a bat or throwing a pitch becomes frustrating when success at such activities is dependent on the state of the cloud connection. For a service that prides itself on quick access to major games, xCloud’s struggle to stay connected during play is a troubling sight.

To test the service on a game that doesn’t revolve around timing, I chose to try What Remains of Edith Finch. From the moment the game’s menu appeared, it was already having hiccups. Even after the game has finished loading, frame drops remain a consistent presence

Pricey31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

If cloud gaming succeds it will be a damming indictment on the standards of the average gamer. I mean why would you pay for an experience like that honestly?

BenRC0131d ago

But stadia is incredible. Playing destiny 2 at 60fps with hdr way before the ps5 was a flawless experience.
It's the tech, Google have nailed it but xbox is still back in the onlive era.

Hakaro31d ago

BenRC01, you could do that on PC the day the game came out and not have to battle your connection to a sever.

It is the tech... except that the tech is always worse than local hardware.