Style Alone Can Save a Game

Today on COG Considers, we're going to talk about style and the way it can save otherwise deeply flawed games. Yes, we do have examples.

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TheOptimist687d ago

Style doesn't save a game, the background mechanics do. DMC is stylish but also has the deepest combat system to exist in any single player game.

Also, the theory behind cult classics builds on what is said in the article:

"dull and repetitive to actively trying to sabotage the player"

Modern gaming is spoilt by the requirement to pat the player on small achievements and provide them with instant gratification.

Cult classics are usually games where going through tedium has bigger payoffs if the player tries to understand the intent behind the tedium.

Godmars290686d ago

No, substance within style.

A concept that's been lost in modern culture overall, not just gaming.

Nacho_Z686d ago

Deadly Premonition was diabolical in terms of gameplay but I still very much enjoyed it because of the characters and overall style of the game.

jznrpg685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

The story helped Deadly Premonition a lot not just the style imo. Combat was garbage , a little better during boss fights but just slightly less garbage . The story was interesting and quirky and I wanted to know who was behind it all. I’d love if they made a polished combat & graphics Deadly Premonition along with its interesting mystery story and style . It could be so much more .it is still fun and such but it’s could be an amazing game . Unfortunately with 2 it kept its interesting story but also kept the crappy combat and janky graphics .

Nacho_Z685d ago

True the story was good and I was invested in it from the start. I think if it was more of a straightforward serious investigative setup though without the quirky Twin Peaks vibe I wouldn't have enjoyed it.

I'm hoping the sequel comes to PS, jank or not I want to play it.

jznrpg685d ago

Style alone doesn’t save a game. Substance has to be there as well. Style helps, but combat & story have to play a major part with at least one of those being good .