“PS5 Is the Least Constrained Hardware We’ve Ever Worked On”: Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Dev

IGN India says: “Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart game director Mike Daly on designing for the PS5, weapons, story, and more.”

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waverider32d ago

Really hype with this game. I think Insomniac is the studio more experienced with next gen. They really are working like Covid doesnt exist.

NealGamby32d ago

Completely agree. This is my most wanted game right now.

Jin_Sakai32d ago

Just watched some 4K YouTube preview footage and the visuals are something else. Insomniac are quickly becoming my favorite Sony developer. Can’t wait.

waverider32d ago

Agree! Cant imagined what they are already working! Beside Spiderman 2.

Darkborn32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I hope their working on a venom game. I wonder if that's "spiderman 2". Either way, venom will be in the next game regardless.

boing132d ago

Definitely a showcase for PS5. Looks stellar.

SullysCigar32d ago

Sony and Cerney put a lot of work into reducing any bottlenecks as much as possible. PS5 feels like a real step forward and this game is looking awesome!

silkylove32d ago

The game looks great. That quote is silly though. Isn't it always the case that the newest PlayStation you're working on is the least hardware constrained that you've worked on?

Magog32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

They have also made Xbox One and PC games.

silkylove32d ago

Xbox One is an order of magnitude weaker than PS5. Insomniac's last PC game was for the Oculus Rift which runs on a GTX 970. So again, it's no surprise that the PS5 is the least hardware constrained system they've developed for.

BlaqMagiq132d ago

I mean not necessarily. The PS3 despite being more powerful than the PS2 was a nightmare to develop for. Even though the PS5 has an obvious power advantage over the PS4, the built-in SSD is the real game changer since it allows for seamless transition between worlds.

RazzerRedux31d ago

Are you equating "less constrained" with "most powerful"? From the article:

"“Game development is always constrained,” he says. “But one of the reasons we are so excited to work exclusively on PS5 is because it is the least constrained hardware we've ever worked on. The new features of the console give us opportunities to take our games further than we've taken it before.”

Interestingly, he points to some of its more bespoke features rather than the obvious bump in visual and processing improvements that you’d expect from a generational leap in console hardware.

“And now that I've had experience working with a super fast hard drive 3D spatial audio and controller haptics and adaptive triggers, I would see the lack of those things as much more of a constraint than anything that the console gives us,” he says. That said, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart will ship with two modes allowing for 30fps and 60fps gameplay options."

Clearly he is referring to more options beyond just visuals.

VariantAEC29d ago

Game development is more than how many CPU/GPU cycles you have available per second. It's about what other things the hardware as a whole can allow you to bring to the table. Sounds like PS5 allows Insomniac to really open up the floodgate!

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