Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Platinum Trophy Can Be Earned In One Playthrough

IGN India says: “Earning the Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart platinum trophy on PS5 won’t be too tough this time around if you’re careful says game director Mike Daly.”

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CrimsonWing6929d ago

After struggling with the mercenaries trophy in Resident Evil 8, this is welcome news.

bouzebbal29d ago

So no challenge mode in this Ratchet game? Ratchet platinum usually take a long time to get and at least 1 playthrough and redoing the game on challenge mode..

Shinkus29d ago

If you read the article it literally says that there will still be a challenge mode for people who want to start over

CrimsonWing6929d ago

This would be my first Ratchet game how long does getting platinum usually take?

Viking_mo29d ago


Not long. Usually getting the bolts and leveling up all weapons is usually the main take.

darthv7229d ago

@crimson... you didnt take advantage of the free R&C form a few weeks back?

bouzebbal28d ago

Crimson.. At least 2 playthroughs..

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Extermin8or3_29d ago

They've always had trophys for challenge mode... I think this one should have aswell. Its no fun if the platinum is easy to get...

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