A look inside BioShock Infinite’s troubled development

From Polygon: "On August 12, 2010, at a press event in the swanky Plaza Hotel near Central Park in New York City, journalists gathered to watch the trailer for the next BioShock game. The video opened with a delightful fakeout, zooming in on the silhouette of a familiar-looking underwater city before pulling back to reveal that the camera was actually inside of a fish tank. Good-bye, Rapture. Hello, BioShock Infinite. After the trailer, director Ken Levine gave the press a basic outline of the game. BioShock Infinite was set in Columbia, a city in the sky devoted to the celebration of American exceptionalism, during July 1912. It would star the former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, sent to rescue a raven-haired girl named Elizabeth. Guarding her tower prison was a flying robotic hulk called the Songbird, who would make for a good mascot (and merchandising opportunity) in lieu of those Big Daddies."

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Tacoboto39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Just a heads up - this isn't Polygon's writing; it's an excerpt from Schreier's new book Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery.

PitbullMonster39d ago

It's been over 10 years and Ken Levine still didn't released a new game.


I’m still looking forward to seeing his “narrative legos” concept in action. Definitely sounds to me like the sorta ambitious idea that a small team could spend a decade just TRYING to get the concept built.

JustTheFax39d ago

I pictured the old lady from Titanic saying that haha


And my optimism evaporates... lol

DefaultComment38d ago

Bioshock Infinite it's a master piece, a unique of it's kind. Yes I know this is just my opinion but I always based it on my own expeience and my 2 cents. that game had a strange and yet complex story, the gameplay it0s exquisite, fast pase and with dofferemt ways to aproach and the graphics and the artsyle are beutiful.
It really boggles my mind on why people consider this game to be the black sheep....if anything Bioshock 2 was pretty much underwhleming of that was expectged based on the first one.

Ozzy240738d ago

I agree with you I liked infinity its a great game and there isn't really any other games like it.