Which Developers Have Earned “Must Play” Status Due to Their Reputation?

While gamers can't possibly like every game they come across, have you encountered a studio that seems to make games

ArchangelMike1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

1) Rockstar
2) Naughty Dog
3) Sony Santa Monica

Honourable mention - Insomniac Games

Rotten Tomato Award - CDPR (used to be in my top 3... but we all know how that turned out.)

excaliburps1111d ago

If not for Cyberpunk, CD Projekt RED would be on a lot of lists. xD

MadLad1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Cyberpunk was a giant miss for the devs, but Witcher 3 was still one of the best RPGs of a long time.
Same with 2, honestly.
The original is an acquired taste, and has some pacing issues, but it's still great content if you get past that.

Abear211110d ago

Great point! Also, if it wasn’t for all the murder, Charles Manson was a genius.

Timzster1111d ago

Seconding this list. I'd actually put Capcom up here too in the honorable mentions after RE Village. Their work using the RE Engine for action and adventure games is just amazing. Hope they keep up the good work.

DVAcme1111d ago

Capcom's been on a roll these last few years. RE7, REMake 2, Mega Man 11, DMC 5, Monster Hunter World... And Dragon's Dogma is straight up my favorite game ever. They've only lagged behind in their fighting game division, but the rest of the company is crushing it.

S2Killinit1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Agreed. For me its the same except Naughty Dog is top of the list, possibly Rockstar in third place.

Magog1111d ago

I find Rockstar gameplay and mission design to be pitifully bad.

RaiderNation1111d ago

I agree. I think they're way overrated.

neutralgamer19921111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Insomniac games
Sony Santa Monica
Capcom(lately quality)

Most Nintendo and Sony studios make quality titles

BlackTar1871111d ago

From Software should be mentioned. They have had nothing but good games going on a 3rd generation now.

UltraNova1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

I second this. I'd put From first on that list and Capcom definitely deserves a spot too.

As for ND..I think they should focus on something entirely different. Like an epic space open-world sci-fi rpg. Show Bioware how it's done. I'd also like to see what SSM can do when they are let loose - in this studio I trust when it comes to epic gameplay.

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thorstein1111d ago

4) Housemarque
5) Hello Games (yes NMS, but play the Last Campfire...you're welcome.)

Positivelypositive 1111d ago

I am hoping for a Witcher 4 redeeming them... somewhat...

CaptainHenry9161111d ago

Definitely no developer from Microsoft

MadLad1110d ago

You're the #orangemanbad of videogame commentary.

CaptainHenry9161110d ago

I'll take that as a compliment since I'm telling the truth. Microsoft needs to raise the bar

MadLad1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

If you choose. I'd say they had solid developers even before the acquisition.
Playground games is a huge name in the industry. The coalition has done fantastic work with the last few releases. Rare is getting back to form under their management. Even Halo, as mismanaged as it is, still seems to do highly well.
MS has had some flops, but most of their titles tend to do well.

Of course there's room for improvement. They dropped the ball this gen; but it seems like you just want to trash them when, hey, in my opinion they're doing pretty well as a publisher, and their acquisitions just means more quality products coming forward.

Legitimately, my most anticipated title around right now is Avowed, and that's because I love Obsidian and want to see what a 1st party bankrolled RPG in the Pillars universe will look like.

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Yui_Suzumiya1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

It's funny but Cyberpunk is the only game by them that I enjoy. I've never enjoyed a single game from Rockstar except Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire which they only helped with.

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-Foxtrot1112d ago

We really need to get away from this kind of thinking and always be cautious regardless of who is behind the game

After so many fall from graces over the years, most recently CD Projekt Red, each game is like a fresh slate, you never know how things will go.

If we get into this mindset of "Oh this developer / person has a great track record" it stops people from being more honest about the game and the flaws, people start to come up with excuses if the game does fall short, that's not saying the game is awful but more it's not as good as their last offering.

For example if Kojima wasn't behind MGSV, I highly doubt it would have been received as well, same goes for Breath of the Wild if it was a multiplatform, brand new IP with no Zelda / Nintendo influence.

Sonic-and-Crash1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

i ill disagree about Kojima and BoTW (Kojima is Kojima, and BoTW has some Nintendo mojo in it that i m jealous in every game)

but i will agree with everything else..... perfectly fit of your sayings is ND with LoUS2,,...completely destroying the high expectations ...yet people still goes to defend the game (even get numerous awards) while had major flaws

outsider16241111d ago

"perfectly fit of your sayings is ND with LoUS2 ...yet people still goes to defend the game (even get numerous awards) while had major flaws"

I disagree with this, i didn't buy Tlou because Neil Druckman is the writer, or In Tlou2's case.."Oh Neil again..its a must have".
Having seen the leaks, i bought it and still enjoyed the game.
A combined effort of all that is in the game. Graphics, the world, sound, the voice acting all too nothch. As for story, well thats up for debate. There are 3 types of people:
1. People who think its trash.
2. People who think its ok.
3 . People who think its a masterpiece.
For me its 3.

Whether or not you like the story doesn't change the fact that it's still an incredible next gen almost polished game thats a must have. To you its not...but to others it is.

Take GtaV for eg. the story was really poor compared to previous ones but hey i still enjoyed the game. But Rockstar games are still must haves.

And The Witcher 3? I thought their games will be must haves..based on their previous games. I played CyberPunk and it was frustrating as hell. The ai turned me off, the constant crashes too. I could have stuck for the story but being an open world where you're bound to roam and explore, these small details which you find in Rockstar games and Naughty Dogs..would have really helped Cyberpunk.

I_am_Batman1111d ago

You could've realized the subjective nature of such examples when you disagreed with Foxtrot about MGS and BoTW, yet you're trying to pass your issues with TLoU 2 as objective flaws. Even if some of them are objective, the priorities of a group of gamers are never perfectly aligned. Different people can be fans of the same thing for very different reasons. One person's major flaw might be another person's minor gripe, or not even be important enough to pay attention to in the first place.

That's precisely the reason why I don't put my trust in the name of a studio or director alone. Don't get me wrong the track record certainly plays a role, but the structure of a studio always varies and personal tastes and opinions change over time. What's important is to be in touch with your own interests and make informed purchasing decisions.

Ratty1111d ago

How was MGSV well-received? It was review bombed to hell and most fans say it's the worst of the series. If anything, it would have done a lot better if it had been an original IP with no ties to MGS and Kojima.

oldenjon1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

FROM Soft (obvs)