The Final Nail in Blizzard's Coffin

Proceeding the departure of Jeff Kaplan, we discuss the future of Blizzard

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TheRealTedCruz35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It's funny.
Companies like EA buy up talent, milk them for all their worth, then close down their studios when they don't meet the ridiculous standards they impose on them.
Activision does the same thing, but then relegates their studios to being little more than CoD support. Not that they aren't known go let go of hundreds of people, even during times of amazing profit returns.

Modern day AAA gaming, people. There's a reason so much talent leaves to produce smaller indie projects.

Kororin34d ago

Of course this will never happen with Microsoft new studios, it's not like a bunch of their old studios have bit the dust.

FlavorLav0134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Well their best developer Bungie left them, Rare is a shell of its former self and I don’t know what ever happened to Lionhead studio. So, I’m not so sure about that comment

littletad34d ago

Maybe, under Phil at least. But I'm still not convinced. Even if Microsoft continues to be pro-consumer in their business choices, I really don't see them adding "job security" to their list. The "hirer during big projects and layoffs after profits" seems to be the industry standard, no matter the company.

anubusgold34d ago

@FlavorLav01 Dont care what you say Viva Piñata is one of the best games rare made .

TheRealTedCruz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

What does MS have to do with this?

1st party publishing is a much different beast, and has a slew of factors that need to be taken into consideration.
1st party development can be broken down to a simple investment on the hardware you're trying to sell.

If you're simply trying to knock on MS here, I'll just bring up that Sony basically killed off their Japanese branch, focusing more on the Eastern market, and aren't exactly ecstatic for projects, and studios, that aren't guaranteed successes.

This is coming from someone who mainly plays PC, but has only bought Sony consoles the last two generations.
I grabbed a PS5, purely because I got a great price for my Pro, and I knew I would make use of my PS5 down the road, and could still play my PS4 titles.
I just want to see them do better. Much like I'm happy that MS has new talent making new games, and I want Nintendo to be more realistic with the pricing of their first party titles after time, and concentrate on stronger hardware.

1Victor34d ago

@Kororin Of course this will never happen with Microsoft new studios, it's not like a bunch of their old studios have bit the dust. /S
There I fix it 🤷🏿 🤪 😂

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knightedHollow34d ago

Considering some of my favourite games in recent history have been from indie devs i don't see a problem at all.

I just think that companies get into problems when they begin getting bigger. Blizzard was amazing back in StarCraft and diablo times but then they got huge with games like WoW, hearthstone and overwatch.

Same thing with cdprojekt. They got huge and failed big time with their launch of cyberpunk. Not saying it's a bad game though. Haven't played it yet.

34d ago
TheRealTedCruz34d ago

It's.... more stable now. Even considering the PC version, which I personally didn't believe should have been allowed on the stores. That's not even to speak on the last gen consoles.

As a big RPG guy who loved the entire Witcher series, and knew a bit about the basic mechanics of the pen and paper Cyberpunk gets its name from, the game is a huge disappointment just in design alone. There's a lot of people who have solid things to say about it, and it's probably the fastest selling Western RPG ever, so that's just my take.

ScootaKuH35d ago

People move on. When I leave the company I work for later this year I wonder if they'll also be thinking it's the end for them?

Of course they won't, they'll replace me. Loss of talent is hard but I'm sure blizzard will be fine.

TheRealTedCruz35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Blizzard has been pissing off their fanbase for years.
More money might be had, but their name is being run through the mud.

Short term revenue vs long term revenue.

People blame MS for the "downfall" of Rare, but the general mismanagement of the company was pushing key talent out of the company years before the acquisition.
It's easy to say they'll simply replace you, but in a creative industry it's not that simple.

Kororin34d ago

People blame MS for the "downfall" of Rare, but the general mismanagement of the company was pushing key talent out of the company years before the acquisition.

This is untrue, people left after Microsoft sidelined them and had them do nothing for years except a few odd ball Kinect games, and what's the excuse for Lionhead?

TheRealTedCruz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


That's inaccurate on many levels. It's already proven fact, based on interviews, that Rare was highly mismanaged through the 90s. An era where most people know Rare for, and most of their key franchises were developed.

Most of the lead talent behind these titles had already left and created new studios before the acquisition happened.

MS also gave a whole lot of creative freedom to the studio for years. They only relegated them to purely Kinect after several titles didn't meet sales expectations. Smart move, being their work on Kinect was highly popular.
I'll also point out that the, at that time, key talent in the company saw a lot of potential in the hardware and legitimately wanted to work on it, themselves.

Now it's 2021, Rare proved themselves to MS via the success they had on the Kinect and now, yet again, they're purely working on their own projects.

That's the simple truth.

PrinceAli34d ago

What kind of stupid ass take is thiss loool!?!?!

notachance35d ago

The old blizzard who made starcraft, warcraft, diablo all departed and made a new studio already anyway

Jiub34d ago

Is that why we're getting remasters of old titles? I heard Warcraft III was a disaster but a part of me is looking forward to Diablo II Resurrected.

Cernunnos34d ago

Diablo II Ressurected isn't even being made by Blizzard. It is being developed by Vicarious Visions under the Blizzard name. The team behind the Crash Bandicoot Nsane trilogy.

anast35d ago

Not sure this matters at this point. Bliz is probably "deving" for Candy Crush.

Fist4achin34d ago

Just not going to support them anymore. Not after that tournament where they penalized the winner for supporting Hong Kong.

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