Drop Your Weapon: Some Games Should Just Ditch Combat Altogether

What do Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider: Underworld have most in common? Both games are 3D platformers, both feature a beautiful kick-ass heroine and indeed both feature Chris Barrie as a fussing English butler. OK, that last one is only true of Tomb Raider...the movie, anyway. The real correct answer is that despite being decent games, both are arguably guilty of shoehorning combat in when it wasn't required. So, whilst Lara and Faith do kick butt, did they need to kick actual butt?

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InMyOpinion3696d ago

"What do Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider: Underworld have most in common?"

They are both overrated and suck.

ThePimpOfSound3696d ago

I'm a big advocate for this kind of thinking. Good work.

cain1413696d ago

I actually agree with this article. I love mirrors edge, but the combat didn't seem necessary...

Graphics Whore3696d ago

Dice originally came up with the idea that the female controlled player at the time would be weaponless however could disarm combatants, EA being the publisher had to address there core consumer so they added gun play into the mix, which actually turned out to leave the player with a bitter satisfaction.

Cwalat3696d ago

i'm getting a degree in Game Design and Graphics.. (soon)

and i gotta agree, Dice should've aimed for a more martial arts style in Mirror's Edge... combine a deeper fighting mechanic in the game..

and make it "save your life, run the fu***k away from here" type of game... incorporate more interactions within the game...

and without seeing the picture.. i knew Tomb Raider would be talked about when i read the title...
Just make her a hardcore archeologist instead, with deeper storyline and more environmental puzzles...

italianbreadman3696d ago

I agree with the general message here, that games should look to eschew violence when it's a viable option. Adding violence for the sake of violence is stupid.

Penumbra: Black Plague was one of the best games I played this year, and it had NO combat at all.

(Maybe that's why it wasn't on any top-seller lists...):-/

Viewtiful3696d ago

I think it's a really interesting idea to drop the combat from Tomb Raider Underworld. Everything I've heard about the game says it's right up there with Prince of Persia and Uncharted...until you have to shoot something. Then it's as bad as an N64 game.

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