Epic v. Apple turns into Windows v. Xbox

"What’s a computer" finally gets its day in court

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Extermin8or3_38d ago

Microsoft giving evidence for Epic games is a stupid risk. if the judge sides with epic about computing devices needing to be open and apply that we are looking at end of console business...

Brazz38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

So what? is this bad for xbox console? yup. But xbox is more than just console.. can't say the same for Nintendo and Playstation.
I would bet anyday of the week that MS would love to see Sony and Nintendo "Close Ecosystem" dead! Even if that means the end of the "closed ecosystem" of the xbox console, this would be a huge victory for MS.
Xbox is about services and cloud gaming, consoles a just "extra option". They would love to see console gaming dead since they can't grab a hold in this market, also Playstation and Nintendo can't compete outside current "console market & rules".

Spenok38d ago

What the ridiculous did you just spout...?

enkiduxiv38d ago

Microsoft wants to end the console business. That's why they created XBOX in the first place. Destroy the competition and get everyone to migrate to Windows. They just haven't been all the successful. Game Pass will probably do it eventually.

djl348538d ago

I've heard some stupid opinions but yours takes the cake. Congrats on having the dumbest opinion on the internet.

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Deathdeliverer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It’s amazing the balls fortnite gave epic and how scummy Microsoft is for siding with them in this. This is ALL about fortnite profits from stores. They want to take home even MORE money. The lengths they are going. Epic literally wants to turn gaming on its head over 30% that’s been the same since forever. Everything else is more expensive and they still aren’t upping cost and fees in devs. If fortnite was not the major hit it became this would have never happened. I am really shocked and disappointed that Microsoft is trying to support this. The greed is real. I’ll never buy a epic game again. Microsoft is literally like the guy that sides with the villain so he can be saved later.