Gaming Industry Revenue to Shrink Slightly This Year, But Will Reach $204.6B in 2023

Game analyst firm Newzoo modeled a slight decrease in gaming industry revenues for 2021, though it's a mere rebound from the explosive 2020. The growth will continue from next year onward.

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Orchard46d ago

Makes sense, we haven't had much else to do but stay at home for the past year - which for most, means more gaming.

Once vaccination rates are up and things start re-opening, people are going to go consume other forms of entertainment.

Minute Man 72146d ago

However you slice it video games is the biggest entertainment medium.....

Orchard46d ago

Agreed. But I've increased my gaming spending in the last year due to everything else being locked down, so I'm looking forward to getting back out and doing other activities for a while, so I'll be spending a bit less on gaming when that happens.

zacfoldor46d ago

I would assume a supply issue for the consoles and PC hardware(especially video cards) may contribute to this slight contraction?

Alexious46d ago

Yes, that's mentioned too.