Will We Ever Get Another Splinter Cell Game?

GameByte writes: "At the time of writing this article, it’s been eight years since Ubisoft gave us a new Splinter Cell game"

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BlackIceJoe38d ago

I'd like to see say yes, but modern Ubisoft is all about open world games and I just don't think they can do what they did in the past.

I'd love to be proven wrong, I just don't trust them as much as I'd like too.

Juiceid37d ago

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with open world games. The bigger problem is the Monetization of everything. When Ubisoft feels we’re comfortable with it, they’ll be comfortable releasing it. Then they’ll say, see?! Here’s the new game you’ve been begging for, now with cards to enhance your unnecessary multi player add on!


Ubisoft devs have publicly stated that they do not feel confident in their ability to continue the franchise, because Chaos Theory set expectations so high. They have made internal efforts for reboots and sequels, and they consistently feel like they are falling short of fan expectations.

I hope they figure out how to make Splinter Cell relevant again. But, that probably starts with figuring out how to modernize the very unique/clunky control scheme from Chaos Theory (not to mention getting rid of that Borne make and kill system in the latest games).

Not to mention, it would cost a fortune to develop Chaos Theory with today’s graphics. It would have to push LoU2 in terms of detail per square foot. And very few games go that route with detail and build the game as semi-linear levels vs open world (ie Hitman’s latest trilogy vs AC).