A Splinter Cell Remake Makes More Sense Than A Sequel

Fisher needs a fresh start.

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HeliosHex163d ago

Yes this franchise is deserving of one.

Dagexon163d ago

I think I have to disagree. I am looking forward to the remake, I mean I've been waiting for years for the next splinter cell game so I'll be playing it for sure. I was just especially looking forward to a final outing for Michael Ironside's Sam Fisher, an actual finale to his series that started yonks ago now. Just would've been nice

Iceball2000163d ago

I agree with you, even though I love the thought of a remake, I don’t love the idea of not having Michael Ironside as the voice.

Rude-ro163d ago

I fully agree with you as well…
However! If the remake is done well, and I mean very well, there can be a whole other dynamic added to this game that notoriously thrusted shadow play into the gaming genre…
And that would be raytracing. If incorporated to a new level where reflections and player shadows can get you detected on top of 3d spatial audio… revisiting the familiar games on todays/tomorrows hardware could be on a whole new level of awesomeness.
I just hope, with a remake, it is more about those boundaries being pushed while keeping everything core about the og trilogy in place.
Do not need to venture far off from what was originally recreated… just push it to a whole other new level like I stated.

RaidenBlack162d ago

From the few leaks that have surfaced in the past couple of years, the common theme was that Ubisoft tried multiple times for a new Splinter Cell sequel but couldn't finalize on one. They even brought back former Splinter Cell creative director Maxime Béland, who left Ubi for Epic.
Hence they resorted to Remaking the OG Splinter Cell.
I have a feeling ... that their current plan is to Remake and then Reimagine the further story of Sam.
Sort of semi-Reboot. The next game might have relation with Pandora Tomorrow & Chaos Theory but the third game wont have anything to do with Double Agent and instead will be something different, deviating henceforth from the original series.
Kind of like what is happening with FF7R.
(just a hunch)

Father__Merrin163d ago

Deserving of one but please fix the cia level....

spicelicka163d ago

Remake and reboot. Haven't had a Splinter cell game in two generations.

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