Six additional staff leave Stadia to join Haven Studios

From "A further six members of staff have left Google Stadia for new roles at Haven Studios, the venture founded by former Stadia VP Jade Raymond.

As spotted by a poster on Resetera, staff across multiple disciplines have taken positions at the Montreal-based studio between April and May."

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SullysCigar38d ago

Excruciating isn't it?

At least these staffers are back in the land of the living now, though. Best of luck to them.

Relientk7739d ago

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing what PS5 game Haven Studios is working on.

Knightofelemia39d ago

You know you're betting on a dead horse when they buy up studios just to turn around and shut them down in a year. You know the horse won't move when nobody wants the product and you know the horse won't win when staff are jumping ship to go to greener pasture.