Play: You're in the Movies Review

As a family game with a really low barrier of entry this game is a reasonable success. It does a great job of involving everyone in the room, as a part of the scenery if not in a starring role. Hopefully this isn't a flash in the pan and is a sign of a more healthy supply of games using the 360's previously dusty camera peripheral.

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Pennywise3697d ago

And the march to casual mediocrity begins!

pp3697d ago

First Day Purchase.

Pennywise3697d ago

You would waste money to support your pimp.

Magic_The_Celt3697d ago

Wow a flop, who would have guessed.

But the concept is rather cool.

It sad though isnt it? microsoft desperately copying sony all the time, Lips - copy of singstar

Your in the movies - copy of eyetoy games