We Desperately Need a Good Tekken Adaptation

Today on COG Considers, we talk about why Tekken should really have a good movie or TV adaptation--and why the ones it has now don't count.

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bacano39d ago

Do we? I'd prefer Namco Bandai to focus on a coherent and compelling plot for the games (T7's definitely was a failure on that regard) before extending to other media. Still it's not mandatory I think, they'd better improve other elements of the game design, and that could probably imply dropping some characters, moves, and mechanics in the next installment.

KDblack39d ago

I see where you're coming from (T7 could definitely have been a lot better) but the article's main argument is that the plot of the first five games is so good it's a crime that all the adaptations have been bad. More streamlined mechanics would be nice, but which characters could you drop and not start flame wars? Everybody has their really vocal fans.