Sunset Overdrive Trademark Registered by Sony

Sony has registered a trademark for Sunset Overdrive. The game was published exclusively for the Xbox and PC and developed by Insomniac Games.

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Jin_Sakai685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Would love to see Sunset Overdrive on PS5. I’d also like to see Resistance brought back!

Sonic-and-Crash685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

needs improvement though ...the fact that failed on Xone is a test in wich didnt pass ...devs must think how can be successful ..

i f you ask me i would completely revise its world be a bit more specific in its concept ....having whatever concept art thrown into mixer without vision behind it, proved a wrong

LucasRuinedChildhood685d ago

Nah. The PS audience would have been way more interested in Sunset Overdrive than the Xbox userbase, especially because they've played loads of Insomniac games and know of their quality.

obidanshinobi685d ago

Did it fail though?
Was well received by reviewers and gamers, I loved it, great game.
And it did sell over 1 million boxed copies within the first few years.
Still one of the best open world games of last gen and it released in 2014.
Would love to see a sequel on the PS5.

moriarty1889685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

it failed because Ted Price personally reached out to MS Two times to green light a sequel and they blew him off. Never even replied. MS killed the sequel and the franchise. It was one of their best new IP they had and they couldn’t even support it with a sequel. Sony would have and now they will. Hope for a proper remaster of the original before a sequel so PS5 owners can enjoy the original game first and better than ever.

Darkborn685d ago

It had a small user base. Xbox just hit 50 mil shopped last month. At the time this launched, playstation probably had 50+ million shipped. I have no idea how many xboxs were around then, probably less than half of playstation.

bouzebbal685d ago

Let's see what this game has to offer..

darthv72685d ago

It gained a cult following in the years since its release. It is a really fun game and a remake / sequel would be well received.

Tacoboto685d ago

@Darkborn, the PS4 had maybe 15 million max, Sunset Overdrive came out in 2014 and both systems were only out for bout a year.

The game was undermarketed and overshadowed also by Microsoft's eroding reputation and Halo MCC's colossal failure of a launch that same holiday.

FinalFantasyFanatic685d ago

I got it on PC, it was pretty fun, I don't even know if this game did well or not since it was one of the few good exclusives Microsoft had at the time.

Christopher685d ago

@Lucas: disagree. Played it on Xbox and it was pretty boring for me. It just didn't grab me. And Xbox gamers like tons of games like this. It's a stylish shooter game. Those are popular on consoles and PC.

Petebloodyonion685d ago

MS also released the game on Steam, WindowsStore, and Gamepass, and it still not a success story
So why it would have fared differently for Ps users?

How're Days Gone 2 and The Order1966 sequel coming?
MS and Sony are not charities, so why should they greenlight projects that didn't succeed?

I agree, I liked the game (still think it's way overrated) and a go on Playstation4/5 with proper marketing could help spike interest in the franchise.

I do believe that the game is way overrated due to Insomniac's past record, I enjoyed it but can't say why this game should be a better rate than a similar game like Dead rising cross Jet set Radio.
Also, I do hope that they at least give you the ability to restart the game from 0 instead of forcing me to always continue the same game

itsmebryan685d ago

have you played SO? It was a great game and will be missed on Xbox. I'll have to wait for it to come to PC.

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DarXyde685d ago

Not really. I own it for Xbox One so I can't comment on the PC version, but Sunset Overdrive was great. I think the issue with it was far more simple than that: it's not exactly a game that historically resonates with the Xbox audience (though some gave it a chance). On the other hand, I don't think Nintendo or Sony gamers would use that to justify the purchase of an Xbox One if they didn't see enough content otherwise. I literally bought an Xbox One because there were 6 games I really wanted: Scalebound, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 2, Ori, and Cuphead. From there, I expected some sequels and new IPs to really make it worth it. One of these games was cancelled, one underwhelmed me, and the other 4 were great with great sequels for Forza and Ori. But that's just me.

I could justify it with that, but how many people can? I think most people are not going to shell out money for an Xbox just for Sunset Overdrive - I also hear it was poorly optimized on PC. If it's on PlayStation or even Switch, I think it has a much better chance of being successful. I don't think anything needs to change. Game was solid.

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outsider1624685d ago

Insomniac on a roll...
Spiderman MM
R&C Rift Apart
Now this...

Imalwaysright685d ago

They are and I'm here crossing my fingers and wishing that they would get back to Resistance.

moriarty1889685d ago

Agreed 1000%. Resistance was one of my personal favorite shooters of all time. Such a unique universe and setting. At least a Trilogy Remaster in 4k/60 for PS5. That would be killer! One can hope.

MadLad685d ago

I only liked the 3rd one, but I really enjoyed that one.

Godmars290685d ago

What about a Resistance remake/reboot that uses the Overdrive play format? A GTA/Breath of the Wild open world type game that has you fighting to take back the region.

Mithan685d ago

Resistance would be awesome. 60fps with a texture upgrade if possible would be good enough for me.

neutralgamer1992685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

It will be called sunset overdrive refreshed edition and will release on ps5/ps5(2021)

Insomniac are also working on Sunset overdrive apocalypse exclusively for ps5 (TBA)

hectorius685d ago

neutralgamer19926h ago(Edited 6h ago)
It will be called sunset overdrive refreshed edition and will release on ps5/ps5(2021)

Insomniac are also working on Sunset overdrive apocalypse exclusively for ps5 (TBA)***

Yeah released just after PGR 5 for the Series X

Project Gotham Racing Trademark Gets Renewed! Announcement Incoming?
VINC360|2992D AGO |NEWS|49|***

2.992 days and counting... Rolling eyes here boss.

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FallenAngel1984685d ago

Sunset Overdrive is like the only game series Sony owns that never appeared on a PlayStation system

Eonjay685d ago

Not true. Sony has several mobile properties that are best left off of PlayStation.

ILostMyMind685d ago

No. There are games on pc and smartphones.

XiNatsuDragnel685d ago

Sunset overdrive will sell great on PS consoles tbh

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Graey685d ago

Oh crap. lol. Bout to get real.