Latest Returnal Patch Escalates Crashes, Door Issues

Multiple reports have surfaced stating more frequent Returnal game crashes, and "door" issues after the latest (May 3) patch.

Paleblood2d ago

I finished the game yesterday. Is not that difficult when you keep going and get used to it. Now I have to get the sun faces on order to get the final extended ending but I will wait until this situation is fixed.

One of the best games I have played. Truly remarkable.

Nitrowolf22d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The second act IMO is loads easier than the first, despite it having less teleporters (in my run) manage to clear the second act with a breeze and “beat” the game.

Re ran act one and it’s a breeze also now

stupidusername2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Agreed. I had 5 tries on the first act, but cleared act 2 on the first try. Act 3 had me demolished though.

Edit: Disregard my comment. I thought acts meant biomes. I haven't really gotten far it seems, haha.

gamingtext20202d ago

I’m about 14 hrs in right now, and I haven’t experienced one crash yet.

gamesftw2502d ago

Same here, wonder if it was just a select few.


I haven't either but I have experienced doors not opening.

PLAYWATCH761d 14h ago

The game crashed every time in the opening cut scene right before the gameplay starts, where she gets off the ground and the camera gets behind her right shoulder. Every freaking time. I have not experienced any gameplay because of this. I returned the game on May 2nd. I will wait until it's all sorted out.

ArchangelMike2d ago

Yeah I can confirmt that I didn't have a single crach until the latest patch. Now doors won't open, teleporters won't work etc. Also the item drops seem to have... bugged or frozen, I'm just not getting drops from items. I didnt have any of these problems prior to the patch, and have made it to the second boss a few times.

excaliburps2d ago

Yikes. Sorry to hear that. Doors hopefully not an issue though.

Vanfernal1d 23h ago

Are you using the pre-order suits? There's belief that the dlc suits are what's causing the door glitch. I ran into the lockdown glitch before, changed to the default suit and so far it hasn't happened. You might wanna try that until there's an official fix.

ArchangelMike1d 23h ago

Thanks man. Yeah, I was actually usung the DLC suits. In fact each time I died I swapped to a different suit. I stopped using the DLC suits and no I haven't have a single crash or bug since.

Tacoboto2d ago

No crashes here yet - except the cutscene I keep skipping through since I suck so much. Loving this game, surely whatever issues are from this patch will get fixed up quickly.

MetroidFREAK212d ago

I guess I'll pick it back up after a patch is released to fix the crashes. I'm not risking my system even though I love the game

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