Elden Ring may be delayed further, FromSoftware parent company warns

Epic RPG Elden Ring may be delayed even further as FromSoftware parent company warns investors about COVID-19 uncertainties.

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Paleblood757d ago

Wow... I hope to at least see a new trailer.

TakeTori756d ago

"Further" ? Besides not knowing anything about the game since we got a teaser, when have we known about any delays?

Si-Fly756d ago

We haven’t been told about a previous delay but presumably investors have been.

756d ago
DarXyde756d ago

I'm guessing it's Martin... And Covid like they mentioned.
But mostly Martin.

FromSoft has never needed any help crafting a brilliant narrative told through world engagement, but I do expect a damn good lore, at least.

_Decadent_Descent756d ago

From what I understand, Martin has been finished with his involvement with ER for some time now.

DarXyde756d ago

I did a Twitter sweep of Martin's Twitter. Didn't seen anything about his concluded involvement with the project. Can't seem to find any articles either.

Not saying you're wrong, I legitimately do not know. If his involvement has concluded, that would be surprising.

wraith9999756d ago

@DarXyde I've also heard this, my understanding was he was brought on to help write the lore/world-building and that alone which has long-since been completed....the actual in-game assets/development process is what has been held up by the pandemic

UltraNova755d ago

Usually From Soft releases their games within a year of the first announcement. That would mean, in my understanding, that the game was very close to being finished when it was announced almost two years ago, which implies the story was complete by then so Martin's involvement had concluded by then. This delay is very uncharacteristic of From as a studio, COVID must have really messed them up. We need to be patient and understanding, they deserve it in my book.

SenorFartCushion756d ago

That’s fine. Take as long as you need.

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