EA, Please Give Us More Dead Space

GameByte writers: "To put it bluntly, the Dead Space series is in desperate need of a reboot before it becomes forever lost in space. Will EA make it happen?"

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-Foxtrot52d ago

I'd like more...if they write DS3 off as a bad dream or something

Just killed the series for me story/lore wise.

Bretty52d ago

I never finished it... which I guess is a sign of how much it didn't click 😅

TBF I'd settle for a way to play all 3 games with spruced-up graphics even if we don't get a new one.

pecorre51d ago

I hated DS3 so much that I can't even remember if I finished it.

isarai52d ago

I really like what they did with the co-op stuff tho. Having one hallucinating objects the other doesn't see, and the mental breakdown episodes. But yeah, otherwise nah

annoyedgamer52d ago

Dead Space is being made by the OG creators as the Callisto Protocol. They have a new studio not under EA.

Vengeance113851d ago

Which for some reason takes place in the PubG universe...

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Dead Space 3 starts off great especially the city parts but then something gets lost and it feels super budget with the repeating environments. 2 will be forever the masterpiece of the series.

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isarai52d ago

No thanks, the creaters are already making a spiritual successor, and i dont trust EA to make a good game period anymore without messing it up somehow

TheColbertinator52d ago

I'm certain it is not coming back. EA executives are bunch of noodle brained orangutans.

Knightofelemia52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I am sure someone new will botch it up most of the original team before Vicseral was shut down have either left or are doing something mundane with in EA. I would happy if there was a new Dead Space and it was an actual good game like the first two games. I would break my rule and buy the new Dead Space day one and I really hate EA. Dead Space Extraction and Dead Space 3 weren't bad I enjoyed them but the first two will always be the better ones. Hell if EA gave Dead Space the Mass Effect treatment with an HD remaster I would rebuy them day one as well.

Jambola1252d ago

why would anyone want more Dead Space from EA?

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The story is too old to be commented.