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CCG writes - "As a freshly hired intern, you are on the bottom of the totem pole and everyone is giving you menial tasks such as photocopying documents or retrieving coffee for them. Being a timid individual, you can only reply with “umm” at the beginning of the game. You let everyone walk all over you until your manager crosses the line by taking away your unicorn lunchbox that your roommate packed for you. Even then, you still can’t stand your ground. When you go back to your grungy desk that’s tucked away behind the vending machines, a cassette player falls down from the air vent and lands in front of you."

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TGG_overlord44d ago

I'm biased now since I'm a Swede and the said game devs are also Swedes, but I find this game to be pretty darn cool and creative. And yes, more people should learn to say no imo (large doses of stress is not a good thing...).