Killzone 2 only uses 60% of the PS3's SPU's

At this moment Killzone 2 is using only 60% of the PS3's SPU. This proves that the PS3 is a very powerful gaming machine. I really want to know what games we will see in 3 years (if they can use the PS3 for 100%). For more info click the link

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Darkseider3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

The good news is that IBM has been able to squeeze out nearly 97% of the theoretical max, which in turn would be 97% of the SPUs. So assuming devs can get a better hold I would imagine maybe 80% - 85%. In any case it is still a ton more power. Also note that KZ 2 using 60% is a lot different than say, Dead Space using 60%. A simpler and smaller game using the same power that KZ 2 is using would be absolutely mind blowing. Remember that it only hits up the 6x SPUs at 60% when there is a heavy load. Now think 60% ALL THE TIME. :)

Jpinter3698d ago

true...remember they need to save that extra 40% for showing off improvements in Killzone 3. lol

Pennywise3698d ago

Yeah Deadspace.... froze 3 times last night forcing me to turn off my PS3 by the back switch. I am not too happy about it.

But on topic... Good news! PS3 has plenty of growing room.

solidt123698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I have never had any problem playing Dead Space on my PS3. That's strange! Anyway Every PS3 exclusive from now on will only get better and better. By the time the PS4 hits PS3 games may look similar to Launch PS4 titles due to the massive power of the SPU's.

Pennywise3698d ago

Solid, did you ever buy any of the addons?

solidt123698d ago

no I haven't. I wonder if that's the culprit.

MrWonderful3698d ago

@ pennywise.

i have bought some of the add ons and have not had an issue with it either

arika3698d ago

no wonder xbox 360 is now trying to compete with the the wii(pricing and games), it's because it can't compete any longer with the ps3, i mean a game like killzone 2 only using ps3's 60% power.. wow! oh my god. i'm just drooling right now thinking what they can do on 100%, maybe not until killzone 3 or god of war 4. hehehe! anyway it's all good!

PLASTICA-MAN3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I read in an interview, that infamous developpers are using 30% of the SPU's and if they push the optimizations further, they can end up using only 10% and with better graphics! Guerrila developpers are great, but they aren't the best in that way! May Be Studio Santa Monica and Readyatdawn have the best programmers! Trust me we will have GOW3 with the best graphics ever made and not needing even the half of the power because it will be more optimized! Same goes for GOW4! David Jaffe said in an interview in which so asked him wether GOW3 is making ps3 sweat, he answered:" GOW3 is not making the ps3 sweat, it is only making it warm, may be GOW5 or GOW6 will make it sweat"! And I believe him 120%! In the begging of the ps4 era we will have games on the ps3 that will look better than the first ps4 games, like GOW2 last year, it had even hd mode and it was mislead as a next gen game! Maybe with GOW5 or GOW6 we will have the promised 120fps in 1080p or higher, who knows? ( I don't expect that from Guerilla programmers though)!

Thugbot1873698d ago

This is really cool, however I think the meaning is a bit misunderstood. What this means more than anything is that KZ2 programmers optimized there code well in addition with the PS3 being a powerful machine, so more than likely no frame dips. However its a misunderstanding of programming to think we 60% they still have another 17%-20% before they reach the full potential because if you program badly you can easily tax the processors for a full 100%. One other think to remember is while the PS3 processors are extremely powerful they are still reliant on the Nvidia video card. I'm not saying the PS3 doesn't have more potential, because I think we still have a ways to go to see; what I am saying is we don't want hear about a game using 100% of the CPU because that normally means we will see frame dips.

wetowel3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

They could have done more SPU usage but GG decided to keep spu usage at 60% for steady framerate. The more enemies, physics, lighting on screen the SPU usage will likely go up to 80-90%. If say GG were to have spu usage at a constant 80-90% there will be no room for play and a lower framerate will occur under heavier loads.

nycredude3698d ago

Don't ever turn off your Ps3 witht he back switch like that. It's equivalent to unplugging your computer while it is on, not good. Instead do a hard reset by holding down the power button in the front for a few seconds until it starts blinking and it will shut down itself. I had to do it a few times with Fallout 3.

callahan093698d ago

No, it won't go up to 80-90%. If you read the article, the devs say that it only hits 60% maximum at the most taxing moments of the game. The majority of teh game runs at less than 60% of the SPU usage.

PLASTICA-MAN3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

They will never ever ever ever reach 100%.You know why? Because only if Kratos wants it, if he wants more CHAOS! Remember the psp case, the psp full power was inacessible, and thanks to GOW:COO they unlocked it. Remember that PS3 has a locked SPU and they can still release firmwares to unlock it and also to lower the usage of the SPU dedicated to the OS, so they can have a new amount of power and all the previous percentages will change. So stop flaming this thread, I don't believe even the sony developpers. Even between twins there are too much differences, why would I generalize this on every devolopper? There are developpers who are more skilled than those and who can affirm that the PS3 is more powerful (same goes for the lame developpers who complain saying it is weak)! Like I said before only GOD OF WAR 6 WILL UNLEASH THE TRUE POWER!

Ju3698d ago

Hm, look at this:


Page 52. While this is a bit old, I guess the current code runs similar. So, its not that they could just squeeze the remaining 40% out of the CELL at any time - not without a re-design.

If you look at the diagram, there are gaps. These gaps are the idle time of the SPUs. Now, you'd need to fill those to reach 100% (or close to that). However, at some points, that's just not possible. And doing so and keeping the balance across 6 SPUs is hard (to reach 100% with life code impossible - benchmarks - these "97% usage" examples are benchmark code, which try to saturate the EIB, nothing more).

This old presentation from Guerilla only uses 4 spus, maybe that has changed.

Ideas to fill these gaps or the remaining 2 spus could be running (more) AI and/or physics in those idle moments, or on additional SPUs (= more enemies, better animation or more things to blow up, or even more particle effects, for example). Maybe this has been done already. Or even run a more sophisticated SPU setup to assist the RSX even more (that is what they primarily do with their setup now).

Just a thought.

darkseid13698d ago

just imagine what they could do in 2 or 3 years from now?

TheSadTruth3698d ago

You people are such sheep

Wow I guess in 3 years we will see 100% of the PS3's power and it will end the aids epidemic and usher in the new age of 4th dimensional gaming! No developer has been able to harness the immense power of the cell since a team of quantum physicists built the PS3 with such immense complication that not even a team of 100 developers can figure out how to unleash it's power.

marinelife93698d ago

Now compare that with the 360 running Half life 2.

Sorry couldn't resist.


Just wait till u see god of war 3.

iHEARTboobs3698d ago

What was the point of your post? Sure it might be difficult to develop for but wasn't the PS2 hard to develop for also? My point is that it's not being used to it's fullest potential and every year more and more of that potential is met. It might not find a cure for aids or feed the hungry but it will surely bring us more polished games.

Anyhow, i'm glad to see that KZ2 isn't giving the PS3 a workout it can't handle.

Darkseider3698d ago

OOOH HELL NO!!!! I am the only true wielder of the Omega Force! You must be my brother Drax.. but I thought I killed you in order to usurp the Omega Force. Could you possibly be Kalibak?! Maybe my other bastard child Orion? It makes no difference... I will use the anti-life equation and make short work of you both with my billions of minions!

GUNS N SWORDS3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

yeah for ps3 it isn't about the SPU's, it about the memory and the complex programing involved.

krauley3698d ago

that the cell has a main processor with 8 spe's supporting it so its not like there are just four spe's running this game. i dont know how many of the spe's are availiable but there is still a main processor doing its thing too. :)

JsonHenry3698d ago

And if Sony had not starved the PS3 for RAM imagine what would have been possible?

MNicholas3698d ago

because sometimes you may be staring at a blank wall and there'll be nothing going on and other times all hell will be breaking loose and the physics, effects, poly-count, etc will be off the charts.

They will also never be 100% for all six. Why? Because there needs to be margin for error. As their code improves, they will probably work their way up to about 85%, maybe a bit more with instances close to 100% but nothing sustained.

The key to that is to treat SPU's the same way as GPUs are treated by focusing on parallelizing tasks. The real challenge, however, is not the processing power, that's easy, but data management. That's something they will refine over time. MGS4 takes a unique approach where certain scenes are almost like a different game and are coded uniquely with unique assets. If you've played it, you know what I'm talking about.

Tarasque3698d ago

Seems to me if they are using only 60%, then why don't they use the other 40% to smooth out the framerate?

Utalkin2me3698d ago

Happens to me more than it should, i will just put it that way.

mikeslemonade3698d ago

Phil Harrison says we will never be able to use the full potential of the PS3. Of course he's talking about the 10 year future proof plan. And based off of Killzone 2 I think Phil Harrison is correct. Killzone 2, i'm guess took 5 years to develop. The next game will take another 5 years to develop and i'd doubt it will reach 100%. So far the "quotes" that were bashed against in 2006 are actually becoming true. So only the nay sayers are wrong. The people like me and other Sony followers are correct. I love being correct.

mikeslemonade3698d ago

"Seems to me if they are using only 60%, then why don't they use the other 40% to smooth out the framerate?"

It's because Sony themselves have not figured out how to use the rest of the cell yet. Time will allow them to figure it out and by the end of the generation they will be able to use 90% atleast.

pain777pas3698d ago

The issue is getting devs over the hump to easily use the PS3' power. Killzone 2 has been in development for ages and it shows. However I hope that there is a way for devs to share info and engines to make other games. Insomniac must be alittle annoyed at some of their results with resistance compared to Killzone 2. I love resistance don't get me wrong but Killzone 2 at this point LOOKS to be superior in every way.

buy a ps33697d ago

mikeslemonade Killzone 2 took 3 years to develop not five so that means we will have time for Killzone 2 Killzone 3 and Killzone 4 by the end of the 10 year life cycle.

Legion3697d ago

I am shocked that Sony uses even that much of it's SPU. Kind of like the joy you get when watching the kids at the Special Olympics cross the finish line. Makes you feel all warm inside.

Take off the hemit Sony and start driving the bus instead of sitting in the back. If your games are only running at 60% of your SPU then that might account for all the hiccups your system seems to have with games these days?

rockleex3697d ago

to develop the next Killzone IF they decide to make a brand new engine.

But if they just upgrade the engine a bit, it would only take 1-3 years, depending on how much of the engine they want to improve or change.

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MrWonderful3698d ago

now just share your engine with other developers and we will see all kinds of nice games on the pstriple. and if dead space had been done in this fashion i probably would have crapped myself for sure. gotta love my shiny black console

techie3698d ago

The reason that they limit the SPU's to only every using 60% of each SPU, is in order to make sure they have a solid 30fps framerate. SO they normally use 3 SPU's and if there's more on screen, they split it over all 6 SPU's to make sure it's only ever 60% on each .

Statix3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

If I'm not mistaken, I recall somewhere that Guerilla stated before about Killzone 2 only using 4 out of the 7 operational SPUs on the PS3. Which, if true, would mean that the "60% heaviest load" figure mentioned in this article was the worst-case scenario as measured on 1-to-4 SPUs at a time... with 2-3 more free SPUs completely left to spare.

Ju3698d ago

There is no 7 in the PS3 (8th is disabled). The 7th is always owned by the GameOS (or can you allocate this one now, also ?). So, that leaves 6. Guerilla mentioned using 4 (see the GDC doc). Looks like one is used for control code, rest gets distributed (to the other 3). Can they now dynamically schedule to any number of SPUs ? Would make sense, but depends on the implementation.

techie3698d ago

They use 2-3 at only 60% capacity each. If there's loads on-screen they'll use all six at only 60% each in order to keep the framerate at a stable 30fps. hope thay helps.

bunbun7773698d ago

With no proof I still think its possible the 7th OS SPU will be used by Sony towards the end of the life cyslce of the PS3 so that we get the 110% God of War effect. At least I hope so-

Proxy3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I'll avoid a detailed explanation, because I don't understand it fully myself.

In short, the PPE is the bottleneck, and I would guess it's almost always running at 100%. Remember, it's the SPU's running at 60%, not the entire processor.

It's like a call center with 100 people to take calls, but only 60 phone lines. Sure, only 60% of them are on a call, but that's not what matters. What matters is that the phone lines are maxed out and there's 400 people on hold.

The SPU's are able to complete their tasks faster than the PPE can issue them, and thus the SPU's will never be running at 100%.

The game looks great none-the-less, and I do think there will be better optimized games in the future.

Ju3698d ago

Its not the PPU can't issue things to the SPU. They can get their data through DMA pretty much on there own. But you need to put the pieces together at some point. This sync overhead is simply "latency", which makes it hard to reach a 100% load throughout the whole system. Its a high complex parallel machine. Nothing trivial at work here. If you can find a way, where you simply schedule work packages in a way, that they don't cause a lot of overhead, you'll get the full bandwidth of the CELL. But that case usually never happens in a real world application. (Except for things like data streaming and such - where you have one (!) distinct use case running - compared to rendering, physics, AI, input etc. in a game).

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ultimolu3698d ago

I knew that.

It's damn powerful alright.

Stryfeno23698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Yeah, but what about gameplay? I heard KZ2 gameplay will be its downfall.

Gameplay > Graphics

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It only uses 20% for KillZone 2!!! ;-D

'This proves that the PS3 is a very powerful gaming machine'
Er YEAH!!! ;-P

F-ALL on the xBox 360 look as good as -

MotorStorm 1+2...etc etc...
I should know because i got my New SONY HD:TV yesterday!!! ;-P
And they all look STUNNING!!! ;-P

San anto3698d ago

"gameplay>graphics&quo t;

therefore gears of war = shiit?

ultimolu3698d ago


The gameplay will be it's downfall? I'm in the beta and the controls are tight enough for me. Unless you're talking about something else.

I've been hearing a lot of praise for this game. :/

pwnsause3698d ago

"Yeah, but what about gameplay? I heard KZ2 gameplay will be its downfall."

Thats already been cleared up by those who played the beta.

nycredude3698d ago

You heard? From where? Please provide some links to back up your claim of shoddy gameplay. Right cause you can't!

In other news, I heard you were retarded, but I have no link to backup my claims...

Wait I do have a link, your comment about killzone 2 comfirms it.

dukadork3698d ago

'I heard KZ2 gameplay will be its downfall'

yeah yeah, we know, you xbots hear voices when cornered, lol

it used to be 'I heard KZ2 is pre-rendered CG they can never pull off in real time'

you suckas are so KILLZOWNED

Pain3698d ago

Your such a moron you made me post .

How about NOT being a brainless Xbot Retard and NOT play the Halo defense bad for you little teenage twit brain Killzone 2 has both Graphics and Gameplay....

Now stop breathing my Air and die already.

ezcex3698d ago

first off you failed yourself

if you want to smack talk a game, do not say BUT, by saying

"Yeah, but..." that shows me that you agree that K2 has amazing graphics better than your Gears2, because if Gears2 is truly better, you would have said Gears 2 is better.

..."what about gameplay? I heard KZ2 gameplay will be its downfall.
Gameplay > Graphics"

simply you "heard" just says it all.

PS3 FTW3698d ago

Ultimolu did you get banned from the open zone?

Did you too PirateThom?

Or are you guys posting in the Open Zone by choice? I pop over here to view the fanboys but I can still post in the Gamer Zone. How about you 2?

IzKyD13313698d ago

"I heard KZ2 gameplay will be its downfall."

Who'd you hear that from?
pp, gamedaily or kotaku?

SSCOOLCHEA3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Thats just another idiot that don't have a ps3 ..broke azz fool is an advice go power up your xbot and play halo and gears and watch netflix....


ambientFLIER3698d ago

It's funny: Juuken says she's not a fanboy, yet she mostly posts in the open zone and trolls for attention.

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TheHater3698d ago

All I know is this will be the best looking game when it hits next year and will play fricken great too. That all I care about and would be enjoying the hell out of this game next year

HighDefinition3698d ago

This and LBP together are going to completly absorb my life.