This Wednesday's new Xbox Live Arcade Title is...

Sorry to disappoint those of you hoping for some "new" titles, but this Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade Title is...Root Beer Tapper.

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Boink4906d ago

unless you are going to update the graphics a bit, they are getting useless...

PS360WII4906d ago

wow... whooohooo... yup that puts the Virtual Console to shame (holds back snickering)

What can you do that's what the Arcade is about! Retro gaming. They can put out new stuff and they are Rare is getting there hands wet for that but the arcade is just for old time small games.

Boink4906d ago

small arms, heavy weapon, cloning clyde sre some good ones, there are others as well.

they look great graphically, and are fun. Those type of game are what I wanna see on XBLA. the retro just get too old too fast...

Dick Jones4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

Well blank you too M$

2tired2day2hate4906d ago

im glad ms is dominating with regular games, but i do wish the arcade games were better. though there are a handful that are great

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