Legendary Interview with GameCock

Recently Ve3tro had made a post about media outlets giving games unfair reviews, and to say it sparked off a little controversy would be an understatement.

After wondering about the issue for some time, Ve3tro decided to ask one of the recent victims, the team behind the long awaited "Legendary" title GameCock.

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gameraxis3694d ago

i dunno, gotta look at it more

RadientFlux3694d ago

Personally after playing the game. I feel that some of the reviews were unfair. I had a blast playing Legendary and found the graphics not to be too bad.

While the game wasn't anything special (played more like an updated Doom) I would recommend for people to at least give the game a rent.

gameraxis3694d ago

i'll give it a rent, just when I'm done with the great games on my list... it'll definitely be one of my "catch up titles"