'Syphon Filter' Deserves New Life on The PlayStation 5

From the sneaky thrills of Metal Gear Solid to the high-flying stunts of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, PlayStation is known for its legendary lineup of games.

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Thundercat771183d ago

In Days Gone there was a reference to Syphon Filter on one of the documents.

CaptainHenry9161183d ago

Yea but the creative director John Garvin who also wrote all the Syphon Filter games don't work for Bend Studio anymore

TheExecutioner1183d ago

Rebooting the series doesn't require a brilliant writer
Sony fans deserve a stealth spy game like hitman ps4 would have the best chance for rebooting the series

CaptainHenry9161183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


Not saying it can't happen. It's been to long and they probably move on from it. I can see them bringing a remaster though. A reboot is probably up in the air

jukins1183d ago

Obviously he's been replaced. . .van easily move forward.

bouzebbal1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Just imagine with me Kojima makes Siphon Filter..
This series was always considered similar to MGS

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Sonic-and-Crash1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

i enjoyed SF 1 2 3...but after PS1 i didnt follow the series , they couldnt keep me attached for some reason ....i say must focus all their power to Days Gone 2 as it has excellent fan following and has ton of potential ...and let SF for later

purple1011183d ago

I feel for the fans. But I'd rather something new.

I'd take a KILLZONE though. Seems were not getting either

Saying all that sly cooper was teased in the infamous games and a trilogy remake did come out. Not sure if that will happen with Syphon filter though.-


isarai1183d ago

With Splinter Cell and Metal Gear pretty much dead, i'd love a new Syphon Filter

Deathdeliverer1183d ago

They better nerf that taser!!! I used to break the game with that mf!

DEEHULK881183d ago

Syphon Filter had a guy who ran stupidly and because of that, it doesn't deserve a new game

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Syphon Filter Trophy Guide

This is a very simple list to complete. There are no collectibles. Most of everything here is story related with a couple miscellaneous Trophies thrown in. Nothing here can be missed as there is a really helpful rewind feature as well as mission select.

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Majin-vegeta787d ago

No beating the game with only the taser.I am outraged 😤

SoulWarrior787d ago

No trophy for tasering an enemy to flames, equally disappointed lol

TheLordOfStuff787d ago

Damn, little sadistic me was always doing that lol

phoenixwing786d ago

I loved the taser in that game it was so fun to use

badz149787d ago

what a time to be alive to be able to see this game finally gets trophy support

SonyStyled786d ago

I feel like this comments section helps distinguish the PS ‘old’ fans from the ‘new.’

SNES was my first console, Christmas morning heaven.

I’ve never played SF but I can understand the delight for trophy support 20 years after.

TheColbertinator786d ago

No taser trophies is a lost good idea. Bzzzztttt