Boomtown: Super Stardust Portable Review

Boomtown writes: "Before Sony announced the PSP-3000 at E3 this year, the internet was rife with rumours that the next hardware revision for Sony's pocket wonder would feature the hallowed right thumbstick. Most PSP owners will tell you that this feature has been at the top of their most wanted list of things they'd like to see implemented to the machine. However, E3 came and went and all we got was a brighter screen. Which is no bad thing in itself but it seems we're going to have to wait another couple of years at least.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because although an excellent addition to the PSP's arsenal, Super Stardust Portable could have been so much better with the left thumbstick to steer, and the right thumbstick to shoot. Why? Simply because using the four facebuttons for quick diagonal changes is a right royal pain, cumbersome, and doesn't allow for the lightning change of direction that Super Stardust Portable requires."

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