New and Sealed PS3 Games You Can Still Afford (maybe)

The market for PS3 games has been going nuts lately. But there is still a handful of games that haven’t popped, or that may come back down. This article rounds up a few.

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FreeckyCake60d ago

Meanwhile, some obscure PS2 games are costing over 10k usd.

monkey60260d ago

Probably my least favourite Suda51 game of all

curtain_swoosh60d ago

its actually pretty funny xD but i wouldn't pay full price for it ha xD

darthv7259d ago

You are better off getting 360 version. Cheaper and plays better.

AzubuFrost60d ago

The original PS3 Valkyria Chronicles is less than $20 on Amazon.

Yui_Suzumiya60d ago

Yeah I saw it in a game store for $10 a couple weeks ago

anast60d ago

Prices are going to go down. Sony's not closing shop just yet.

neutralgamer199260d ago

Not gonna happen now people think Sony will close it down the road and these things will only become more expensive as time progresses that's why if you look on eBay these are selling quickly

If anyone wants them my suggestion is get them now because 2 years from now it'll be three times the price

anast60d ago

They will probably lower a bit more before they go up. The "media" frenzy is already slowing down. When people forget and so on.

isarai60d ago

I have a sealed persona 5 and way of the samurai 4. Doubt those will be worth much sealed

Snookies1260d ago

Way of the Samurai might end up being worth some money down the line! It's pretty obscure, unfortunately. As it's such a fun series.

isarai60d ago

Yeah, i love the series, so i imported 4 while it was still cheap back in the day. Still haven't gotten to it yet tho 😅

Killa7860d ago

Atlus games are usually a good shout as collector's items.

Persona 5 probably not so much as it was popular but the PS3 edition is rarer than the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.