How to Download the Resident Evil 5 Demo Now (from Anywhere)

The long-awaited Resident Evil 5 demo has finally gone live across the ocean onto the Japanese Xbox LIVE Marketplace; thankfully found directions to help all of our readers (no matter where you live) get in there and download it. We are not sure whether this is legal or not but for now just proceed with caution (although we have played the demo at E3 and it is freaking amazing):


It looks as though Capcom has figured out what everyone is doing and region-locked the demo, that's too bad for the uninspired but you can still get it by clicking the above link and following it to the off-site forums.

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UltimaEnder3694d ago

81%, gonna be freaking awesome to play this demo at length with no time-limits! hopefully it will come out in the USA soon?

prowiew3694d ago

woah. Anybody knows when this demo will appear on NA?, not japan. I dont want to create another account. AHH. What the hell, I will do it. I cant wait for this game!

Dannagar3694d ago

Just got it now... WOOOO HOOOOO!

Calluk3694d ago

i dont care about the xbox, is the ps3 japan demo out yet

borgome3694d ago

oh thanks for your input ...... NOT!

3694d ago
cactuschef3694d ago

Whats with all the hostility with gamers lately? I don't care about the Xbox demo either, simply cause i don't have one, not because im hating. Im not a fanboy hater, i just want to know when the ps3 demo comes out.

Omega43694d ago


Why do you need a gold account NOOOOOO!!!

DAMN MS and Capcom!!!!

InMyOpinion3694d ago

You always need that the first week to get new demos. It sucks.

UltimaEnder3694d ago

You do need a gold account but just re-signup with the information at the website (above) and you get a free works, trust me!

Omega43694d ago

The thing is i dont have anymore accounts left to sign up for a JP gold account

All i got is my silver JP account....i cant believe i wasted it on getting an Eternal Sonta Demo back it the day :(

The Dark Knight3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Dammit i dont have any free gold trial!!!!

TRUE!!! is the ps3 one out???

riksweeney3694d ago

It wasn't a few hours ago and now I'm stuck at work :( Hopefully there'll be something over the weekend.

UltimaEnder3694d ago

Talk to Omega, maybe after he finishes downloading he can pass the info on... .. ...

The Dark Knight3694d ago

Ive just looked and i cant find it on the Jap store on PS3 :(

UltimaEnder3694d ago

Check your inbox Omega; feel free to pass on that info to someone else in need......have fun!