30 Million Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions By ‘Halo Infinite’ Seems Guaranteed

Tracking the growth of Xbox Game Pass over the past years is nothing short of eye-popping, and it seems pretty clear that Microsoft is going to be reaching some massive milestones soon enough here.

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rlow118d ago

Well, as long as they keep it supplied with good games then I believe they will make it.

SierraGuy17d ago ShowReplies(4)
rakentaja17d ago

to SierraGuy:
The Ascent looks better ad it's free (if you've already subscribed, it feels so).

Orchard18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Seems likely - we haven’t seen an update in a while on numbers (unless I missed it?) - so they’re probably in the 20’s now and Halo is going to be huge.

Keep the good games flowing in and they’ll hit 50 in no time.

Magog17d ago

Halo multiplayer is going f2p so you won't even need gold to play it. It will be funded by micro transactions.

DJStotty17d ago

"Halo multiplayer is going f2p so you won't even need gold to play it. It will be funded by micro transactions."

You mean like every F2P game on the market?

Jericho133717d ago

Over 23 million -

And exactly right, more offerings like Outriders and The Medium day 1 is too good to pass up.

knightedHollow17d ago

I preferred Narita Boy over both of those offerings but yea...good offerings help.

gravedigger17d ago

Well, we will see the official numbers soon.

AngelicIceDiamond17d ago

MS personal target is said to be 30 million by the end of the year. If Battlefield and other major AAA third party hit the service day one, Ubisofts games and 1st party hit the service (Infinite, Forza Starfield if it releases this year)

30 million will be most attainable considering they're at 20 somethin million now.

Orchard17d ago

If they're over 23 mil by now, I expect them to get to 30mil by EOY without Battlefield or Ubisoft. BF and Ubisoft would likely put them way over 30m.

Zhipp17d ago

I don't think there's any chance of a big Ubi game or Battlefield day one on Gamepass. Those games are just too big. The cost would be too great for microsoft to justify considering they already have their own major 1st party titles launching around the same time.

Orchard17d ago

@Zhipp There were insider rumors going around that MS were talking to Ubisoft to strike a similar deal to that of EA Play and would announce at E3 / later this year, and also that a 'AAA third party FPS game' is coming to GP Day 1 in Holiday 2021... so that would suggest COD or BF, and it obviously won't be COD since they have a PS marketing deal.

I guess we'll see - either or both of those would make for a huge E3 bombshell announcement.

CYALTR18d ago

Here we go!!! Let the bashing begin

ocelot0718d ago

As long as they keep these £1 a month or £1 for 3 month offers rolling I'll happy sub each month.

Father__Merrin17d ago

When I tried that it says only for new subs? An I doing anything wrong here

Tedakin17d ago

You only get the first 3 months for a dollar. You can't just pay 1 dollar forever.

mkis00717d ago

You have to unsub for a month to get new offer. That worked for me for a year before I bought costco codes and got 3 years for $151.

ocelot0717d ago

So what i have been doing is it started with a £1 for 1 month offer. Once the sub expired I would give it a few days 3-7 days and then I would go to sign up for gamepass again and another offer would be their weather that be £1 for a month of pc gamepass or £1 for 3 months of pc gamepass or £1 for 1 month of ultimate or 3 months of ultimate. Each and every month without fail for the past I think 13-14 months now.

GamesAsAService17d ago

I started to think about this very thing, and I wonder how many outside of this community took advantage of these offers (1$ Game Pass Ultimate conversion of 36 months of gold). While I believe many in THIS community that take part in discussion here and on other forums probably took advantage of this offer, I think the casual (and majority) were not aware of these offers.

I am starting to think that those of us who took advantage of the 36 months for $1, probably only comprise a single digit percentage of the total Game Pass subscriber base.

Interested in thinking what others think.

Magog17d ago

It was widely advertised.. I would say it's more like 90%.

Sayai jin17d ago

@Magog, where did you get 90% from? I'll wait...

PrinceAli17d ago

This is certainly wrong lool.. with the amount of advertising that was going on for it and the amount of codes being put up on on every snack, candy, and promotional materials theres no way WE gamers represent the majority no way in hell

Highrevz17d ago

I’d say about 20-30% of people are aware of how to get the best value or are still on there original 36 months.

A lot of people are happy to just leave subscriptions running and most just simply aren’t aware of how to get it cheaper.

A small amount of people will be using throw away accounts but they are the people that wouldn’t of already paid for Xbox live.

Pure guesses of course.
I’d be curious to know how many people are paying for Xbox live without having GPU.

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scott123467817d ago

Just google gamepass ultimate buy now and you get all sorts of offers i pay £3 and get 4 weekly trials you just redeem the code saves £9 a month.

Sayai jin17d ago

Mosy of those deals are for new game pass accounts.

Truplaya17d ago

I just use the rewards program to keep topping up my ultimate. Always ahead and it never runs out :)

Sayai jin17d ago

@Trueplaya, yup that's the way.

Father__Merrin17d ago

Ocelot. I've 3 months GP ultimate that cMe with series x. Once that runs out your saying I should cancel so it won't auto bill then wait a few days and try sign in again?

ocelot0717d ago

Yer give it a try the longest I have had to wait for a new offer is a week. But don't expect gamepass ultimate all the time. I mostly only get offered standard gamepass. But since I only play on PC this is fine for me. But I do sometimes get offered ultimate.

DJStotty17d ago


"As long as they keep these £1 a month or £1 for 3 month offers rolling I'll happy sub each month."

New subscribers introductory offer only, unless you want to create a new account each month.

ocelot0717d ago

Nope been doing this for over a year now. Unless they have changed it in the last 9 days then it still works as I got my latest month for a pound 9 days ago.

DJStotty17d ago

Strange that, even the youtube tutorial states to get the £1 offer each month, you need multiple accounts :-

Would you be able to link a tutorial on how to do this? i would like to take advantage when i start paying again in october, without having multiple accounts.

ReadyPlayer2217d ago

Lmao, you've been beating this dead horse for years now. You're telling me that the biggest software company in the world has this one oversight that only YOU have access to. The $1 deal is only new accounts only. Unless you're using MS rewards to top off Game Pass (even then you're still spending money to MS)

ocelot0717d ago

Yes I I'm clearly the only one in the world doing this. Yup just me and you have proof right? Yer spent many hours researching questioned every gamepass subscriber and found I and me alone in the universe that does this.

But seriously this is what I have been doing for a good 13 or so months now. If things have changed in the last 10 days then I apologise. But 10 days ago for the 13th month I once again resubbed to pc gamepass for £1 for 1 month. If it's changed by this time next month fair enough I won't sub until the next big game. But if I get the £1 offer again then I shall be subbing for another month.

NotoriousWhiz17d ago

It might depend on region. I know it's only for new customers in US. So I normally do the: buy 12 months of xbl gold and then one month of gp ultimate for 13 months of gp ultimate.

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Magog17d ago

Playstation Plus has over 40 million and offers better games.

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purple10117d ago

Sony just signed a multiplayer game exclusive deal with ex ex bungie.. so ex halo developers...

I wonder how many of the actual halo developers ( that made 1, 2, 3 and reach ), are still working at Microsoft! probably not many.

Highrevz17d ago

Jumping the gun a bit here, Sony is yet to offer a decent online game but I’d like to see them have a good try at it.

Ausbo17d ago

I don’t think you realize that when Xbox formed 343, they sniped a bunch of bungies devs that wanted to continue to work on halo. There’s still a lot.

DJStotty17d ago


The majority of 343 is made up of ex-bungie developers :-

purple10116d ago (Edited 16d ago )


Whilst I kind of agree with you I'm also wondering because there is the team Activision that makes destiny then there's 343 that makes halo then there's this new you PlayStation owned team.

So they must be spread out quite a bit in different studios.

Halo used to be my shiz.!
Double needler bouncing pink shells of walls around corners in tighter areas!

Super fun
I had quake 3 arena on PC years ago, so... Halo was next best...or even better to be fair.

These days I wouldn't touch a Xbox again though. Not after ps4. After the 7 years of that generation (the one just gone) there really was no comparison. And the PS4 pro I bought, with two games, for £299, id class as probably one of the best things I've ever bought, -that's been used every single day! Easily worth the money.

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NeoGamer23217d ago

Playstation Plus competes with XBL Gold not GamePass.

Magog17d ago

Disagree. I have over 670 games through Playstation plus. That's a much bigger catalog than gamepass.

Zhipp17d ago

That's your personal catalogue, though. It's not comparable to Gamepass, where everyone has the same games regardless of when they subscribed.

Kakashi Hatake17d ago

Plus and Now is the same price as GP. With that, I'd say GP is way overrated because it's all MS has to talk about.

PS-Gamer-198617d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Ofcourse they do. They counted on bragging about offering the most powerful console for the whole gen, but that did not work out as expected. So gamepass is at least something they can talk about

DJStotty17d ago


You must have a large storage drive?

I am at 270 games on series X, and the internal is full, as well as a 4TB external.

NeoGamer23217d ago

XBL Gold gives you monthly games - PS Plus gives you monthly games. It should be noted that PS Plus has given over double the games that XBL Gold has

XB GamePass is streaming and Netflix type access to games - PS Now is streaming and Netflix type access to games. Should be noted that PSNow has over double the games that GamePass does

XB GamePass Ultimate is XBL Gold + GamePass (For both PC and Console + EA Play - Sony has no competitor to that yet. If you look at the combination of all these serivces, all the games delivered are about 1.5 times the number of games you could've received on PS Plus.

PS Plus now has some games come on then disappear (Destruction All-Stars was a most recent example), also if you quit subscribing to PS Plus you no longer have access to the games. XBL Gold you own the games they give you even if you stop subscribing, but they don't give you as many games.

You have to remember that since 2010 PS Plus has given games as part of the service so accessing 670 games over more then a decade is not impressive. XB Games Pass has been around for only 3 years and has had over 800 games during that time. Also, unless you have a PS3, you cannot play your PS Plus games from the PS3 era. So, someone who only bought a PS4 or higher cannot claim they have received 670 games in PS Plus. And PS Now does not give them access to that game ownership.

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InUrFoxHole17d ago

Lmao! I enjoy a good trolling sir!

DJStotty17d ago

"Playstation Plus has over 40 million and offers better games."

And this article about gamepass getting to 30 mil is associated with PS+ how?

bartender6417d ago

You gotta love how he says he has downloaded 670 games from ps plus. That's not possible, since ps plus has been available for little under 11 years. He must have been downloading 5 games every month for the past 11 years to achieve that, and we all know ps plus doesn't offer 5 games a month.

TheRealTedCruz17d ago

I disagree, but hey ... opinions.

franwex17d ago

So should we all cancel game pass then?

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