MLB The Show 21 Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 Comparison

Full details on the differences that can be found in this MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 comparison of the multiple options from a visual or tech analysis angle.

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NeoGamer23225d ago

Sony did a great job here. Always have had love for MLB The Show!

Sayai jin25d ago

Yes. Sony has that magic. I have never tried The Show, but will give it a go on Game Pass.

NeoGamer23225d ago

Totally worth it. I have played every previous MLB The Show on PS. This year switching to XB because of its availability in GamePass.

someone7225d ago

I love the show, this is my first year getting for xbox(which should be obvious).

While im still working through the mountains of content, and everything seems on par with last year, with a couple nice additions, i must say that the graphics and audio presentation are essentially the same from last year.

According to sony, i dropped 678 hours into the show 20 on the ps pro(which is a scary amount of time), and i just have a hard time seeing a difference outside of what was resolution mode playing like butter rather than molasses.

Hopefully the show 22 will be a full step up.

Blaze92925d ago

This is my first time playing The Show - the visuals really do blow me away. Been loving it on Game Pass