July 2021 NPD: PS5 and Switch lead the way to 10% year-over-year growth

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the month’s best-selling game thanks to the release of its remaster on Switch. “It is the first Nintendo-published title to lead the monthly best-sellers chart since the launch of Super Mario 3D world in the February 2021 tracking month,” noted Piscatella.

“MLB The Show 21 surpassed Resident Evil: Village to become the second best-selling game of 2021,” said Piscatella. “Year-to-date sales of MLB The Show 21 are the highest in franchise history.” This is the first entry in Sony’s baseball series to also release on Xbox platforms.

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darkrider67d ago

They are crushing it. Amazing number and growth even with the Pandemic.

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Thundercat7767d ago

Playstation and Nintendo on fire 🔥 as always.

Jay76767d ago

Im glad PlayStation and Nintendo are dominating the console market both deserve the success.

The Wood66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I wonder if this months article will be as populated as last

Just another case of 'after the lord's mayors show' for some

Outside_ofthe_Box66d ago

Reading the responses in the link below and seeing how quiet it is here is pretty funny.

gravedigger66d ago

But Xbox fans claimed last month that tides changed. What happened now?

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